Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Bobbarama!

bobbaramaMy most favorite inkblot in the Blogosphere is having a birthday today (November is a great month for birthdays - almost as good as September!) so please take the time to pop on by bobbarama dot com and leave some birthday best wishes for the little fella! And if anyone can find out how old he is, I'll come up with some sort of cool prize for you!

Happy Birthday, Bob, and best wishes for a wonderful year with many more to follow!


  1. Happy happy birthday to Bobbarama!

    P.S....Please stop by Bloggingham Palace for a party Wednesday night after The MO Show! I think it's time we got into a little trouble on a school night.Castle Chat

    Queen is serving cookies.

  2. Happy Birthday to Bobby!

  3. Anonymous1:41 AM EST

    Our favorite inkblot is 52 years young today! Do I still get a prize?!! I wanna prize! :-)

  4. He's 52? Really? He's older than me? Woohoo! Someone who's older than me - yay! Well, then again, I would expect no less with his vast wisdom, knowledge, and snarky sense of humor.

    Polly, I'll have to see what I can find for you as a prize!

    Oh, and happy birthday again, Bob. Or should I say Mr. Bob? I'm supposed to respect my elders, right?

  5. I went over and sang Happy Birthday to him. :)

  6. 52? Is that right? Who would have thought it?

  7. Anonymous3:54 PM EST

    Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday....Happy Birthday....Happy Birthday. Hmm... 52 is not a bad thing.


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