Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jamie Will Be Home for Christmas!

Despite the fact that this is going to be yet another financially strapped holiday season (Is there ever a year when I don't have to say that? Maybe I need to get some decent budgeting software and figure out how to actually put some money away for the holidays!) things are looking up a bit as I was able to book a flight for Jamie to come home for Christmas this year as opposed to last year when she wasn't here and I was feeling rather Grinch-like and blue. Yes, I know - the Grinch is green so I guess I was actually rather blue-green but I think you get the idea! Either way, I wasn't happy.

Jamie had her heart set on being able to come up to Connecticut this year and had asked me about it several times but I wasn't sure if her father was going to allow her to come up or if I was going to be able to afford to fly her up. He refuses to contribute to the cost of her visits despite the fact that when he remarried and moved out of state we had agreed that he was going to cover the costs of visits. Yeah, right! Anyhow, the burden falls entirely on me and it can be tough knowing that if I can't afford to fly her up, Jamie is going to terribly disappointed - as will I. Barely having two nickels to rub together most of the time I really have to keep my eyes open for bargains from the airlines and hope like heck I have enough cash to jump on the bargain if one shows up!

I got an email notification the other day from Southwest Airlines that they were having a Fall Sale with some pretty decent prices so I contacted the ex yesterday and asked if a) Jamie would be able to come up for Christmas and b) if she had any time restrictions. After some issues at her new school, they decided to home school her so I don't have to work around a set school schedule - which is rather nice - but I wanted to make sure that her trip up here wouldn't interfere with whatever schooling schedule they've developed down there.

The ex said that she could come up as long as I could afford to fly her so after running the dates I had in mind by him (December 18th to January 5th), he agreed and told me that I could go ahead and book the flight - which I did last night. I had a small credit with Southwest left over from Jamie's summer trip so between that and the low prices that they were offering, I was able to book a flight from Tampa to Providence for just a bit over $139. And where do you think that money came from? From all of the paid posts that I've been inundating you, my faithful readers, with! See? I'm doing them for a good cause!

Anyhow, there might not be a plethora of presents for the girls to open but I'll have both of my daughters with me for Christmas and even though Amanda and Jamie will probably pick up their game of "Family Feud the Home Version" as soon as Jamie gets here from the airport, I'm going to be a lot happier this year than I was last year!

Of course, now I have to go back to writing more paid posts so that I can afford at least a small present or two ...


  1. That's great news Linda, I'm so happy for you!

    Keep those paid posts going they've definitely come in handy. x

  2. Yes, I agree...keep doin' those paid posts. I'll sift through them, and still keep on reading your handiwork (handiword?). Honestly, why DOES ex have to be so friggin' one way? You're a saint for putting up with that, AND for wanting your children home for Christmas - despite the "Family Feud" antics. "Super Mom", thy name is Linda!

  3. Having the family around is the main thing.

  4. I'm so happy for you! That is wonderful news. Keep doing those paid posts... if people don't want to read them, they can scroll past them - that's my opinion!

  5. How wonderful Linda. I'm glad that this worked out for you. Your spirits should be soaring right about now. Big hug. :)

  6. having both girls with you for Christmas will be all that matters.

    between their own stuff...their fathers' stuff...their grandparents stuff...and now their significant other's family's stuff...its really hard to get them all in one place at one time...except MY birthday...laughing...

  7. Anonymous10:47 PM EST

    YAY!!! :)

  8. You do paid posts? Its all in the interim that is life :)

    YAY for Jamie coming home for xmas :)

  9. Linda, I'm so sorry I haven't been around this last week to hear this news! I am SO happy that Jamie gets to come home to you for Christmas...that's worth more than anything you could fit in a gift box.

    As for your ex-I think it's horrid and disgusting that a human being would be so stingy and stubborn about his daughter. Jamie obviously loves you very much and she has a right to be able to see you, call you and even live with you if that is her choice. SHE IS OLD ENOUGH! It's disgusting that he's gone back on his word and all it does is HURT HIS CHILD.

    But I'm sure it doesn't matter, right? Nah...children don't need to be nurtured. Just ask Amanda.

    You can delete this if you want. ;) I just hate that a father would ever do anything to make their children cry-especially if it has to do with their mother.

    Rant over. For now.


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