Friday, November 9, 2007

The Pantless Plushie Saga Continues

I'm sure you all remember poor pantless plushie Steve Righ, right?

Steve Righ plushie by Amanda Despite the fact that she made an attempt towards getting the poor guy some pants made this weekend, Amanda still has yet to clothe the poor little fella and with the colder temperatures of November now upon us, I'm guessing this is what Steve thinks about the whole thing ...

Steve Righ drawing by Amanda Doesn't look too happy, does he? (Gee, I wonder if this is how other pantless plush animals feel?). When Amanda did this drawing the other day I asked her if it was inspired by Steve's disgust in still not having any pants upon his plushie but she just smiled. I tell ya, the kid has procrastination down to an art! Maybe someday soon poor plushie Steve will get some pants but in the meantime it gives Mo the chance to sing "Pantless plushies in a pile" and make me laugh. Hmm, I wonder if Mindless Self Indulgence might be able to make that into a song??

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