Sunday, November 4, 2007

Random Musings on a Sunday Afternoon ...

If everyone on the turnpike (or "highway" for those in other parts of the country) all went the same speed then no one would ever catch up to or pass anyone else - least ways that's the way that theory should work, right?

Speaking of driving, why are the gas prices going up so high again? Most places here in Norwich are over $3.00 a gallon again. Is it the anticipated Thanksgiving travel that is jacking the prices up or do the oil execs need more spending money for Christmas?

How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? And why would he want to anyway? Does he have home heating problems, too?

Do men wear cufflinks anymore or is that something that has gone the way of niceties and manners?

Speaking of manners, is it my imagination or do people just seem to be getting ruder and ruder these days?

Are the rest of the leaves that are on the trees going to get the chance to change into some nice eye-catching foliage or are they just going to fall to the ground and blow away without being able to put on a show first?

Can't I just stick my head in the ground and pretend that Christmas is not less than two months away?

Why is it that the socks you need are always the ones at the very bottom of the clothes basket? And where do all the missing ones go? Is there some sort of limbo area for socks that we don't know about that only one can go to at a time?

Why is it with everything else in the world being super-sized that my paycheck isn't? How is it that the cost of living goes up daily while my pay level stays the same? How am I ever going to get caught up, never mind ahead?

Speaking of work - whorever decided that 3:00 in the afternoon was a good time to go in? That's smack in the middle of the day!

Speaking of the middle of the day, it's almost 2:00 and I'm still in my robe and slippers! I really need to go try to get some stuff done!

Everyone have a great Sunday!


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM EST

    That's okay, my kids haven't gotten out of their PJs yet today either :) Have a wonderful Sunday, Linda.

  2. time flies when one is blogging! I just posted and have been instant messaging with our daughter ~ she's got strep throat and is taking penicillin :-(
    I must get up from this computer soon!
    Have a nice Sunday

  3. Yesterday, a very good friend of mine told me on the phone that gas back home (Ohio) went up to $3.20!!!

    I'm with ya on wondering where the heck those missing sock go.

  4. I think Mimi knows what happens to the missing socks.

  5. Gasoline prices are an issue for me, as my 15 MPG steed likes the stuff. At least I am able to drive less these days, and avoid the $60 weekly fuel bills when I worked 29 miles away one-way at my last job.

    Cuff links are stylish. Grandpa wore these for his fanciest clothing, and he had his monogrammed with his (and my)initials. If I had the means to purchase custom made dress shirts, I'd wear cuff links. I like that style..

    Christmas is a great holiday. I only hate those radio stations that play holiday tunes exclusively after Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time, please!

  6. Well Harumph to you too! :-)

    The gas prices are going up because of Wall Street traders pushing up the price of oil futures. We actually have plenty.

    Yes people are ruder and louder. A result of garbage in garbage out. If all the movies and TV sink to the level of the lowest common denominator then then the average becomes the new low.

    Half of all socks go away and turn into wire coat hangers before returning. They then rub up against each other and turn into paper that needs to be filed.

  7. Ugh-YES people are getting ruder and ruder. I hate it!!!!!!

    I second the supersized musing...geez...

  8. Apparently you were having a bit of a "Murphy and his stupid Law" and why does it have to be that way, day -eh?
    Gas -for the cheapest here -is now back at $3.00 a gallon! We're getting a delivery of fuel oil tomorrow morning sometime - a mere 100 gallons - the minimum they will deliver, cash on the barrelhead of course, which will set up back a tidy sum of $289 and change! Isn't that spectacular though? If we are lucky and it doesn't turn really cold, really fast, that might last us a month at most! Wonderful! Ain't life just grand sometimes though? I know - be thankful we have a house with a roof that doesn't leak, etc., etc. I'd be a lot more thankful if we could afford to Get ye olde tank completely filled - which might take us then to mid-January. LOL

  9. Anonymous11:09 PM EST

    yes, you can stick your head in the ground and pretend that Christmas is not less than two months away. I'll join you!

  10. I was in my robe until Gwen and I went for our walk on Sunday. Weekends are no longer days to get things done. or at least last weekend was!


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