Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rolling Out the New Look

Surprise! It's a new page design and doesn't it look fantastic!! As mentioned in my 700th post, I was going for a new look here at "Are We There Yet?" and this is it. It's more bright, more open, and my "massive sidebar" has been split in two. Hopefully you, my faithful readers, like this new layout as much as I do despite the fact that I am no longer Super Mom but just Ordinary Mom stuck between two teenagers!

First, I want to thank my artistic daughter Amanda for finally, finally, finally doing the artwork for me that appears at the top of the page. It took cajoling, it took begging, it took bribing, and it took a lot of nagging to finally get it done but I think she did a fantastic job. I only wish that I was as skinny as the Mom in the middle on her artwork - even if it meant I had to have feet that big!

Second, I want to send a big shout out and thank you to the man who does my blog designs for me - the incredible Se7en of Blogs Gone Wild! I can't tell you enough what an awesome site designer and incredible human being he is because there just aren't enough words to say it! Se7en did my previous blog design based on some general ideas that I gave him and when I asked him this time if he could redesign and incorporate Amanda's artwork, he said it would be no problem at all.

No matter how many questions I have or if I need help tweaking something that I might have inadvertently screwed up myself, Se7en is right there for me. Even if I had a question about the design he did a year ago, he was always helpful and explained things in a way that my brain-of-little-technological-knowledge could grasp. Se7en doesn't just design your blog and then disappear into the Web - he's there for you and you couldn't ask for a better site designer - ever!

So - what do you think? I'm anxious to hear your thoughts and opinions - and accolades for Se7en! Oh, and if you want to comment on Amanda's artwork, I'm sure she'd like to hear your opinions on that, too!


  1. Oh wow! Here I was doing my usually daily run past your pages and there is glorious technicolor a whole new image. I love it!!!

    re Mandy Patinkin. Have you ever seen "Sunday In The Park With George" starring Patinkin and Bernadette Peters? If not, it is available on DVD as is "Follies In Concert". I love both his voice and humor.

  2. ahh...what a great surprise. well done!

    The artwork is great...the layout easy to read...and it comes up faster...

    hmmm...maybe its time to do mine...

  3. Hmmm....
    LOVE the layout.
    Thinking = this would be PERFECT for the Mo Show blog...
    LOVE Amanda's artwork, but 2 questions: 1) what's with the squid?
    2) why does Jamie have a microphone but her mouth is duct-taped?
    PS: you look so cute as an ani-plushie!

  4. Top marks for the new design. Please pass my appreciation of the artwork to Amanda.

    I had come to tell you that I have given you an Award. Take a look at my Journal.

  5. Mo -

    In answer to your questions:

    1) The squid is one of Amanda's latest drawing crazes and it will probably end up showing up in various and assorted places at times.

    2) Even though it looks like Jamies' mouth is duct-taped, that's actually a big smile but without indivdual teeth (or you can interpret it as duct-tape!)

  6. Anonymous3:08 PM EST

    A totally excellent theme, Linda. It is like having a new pair of shoes, blogging just feels better all round!!

    I am jealous now.

  7. I absolutely love the new layout. It's wonderful.

    Congrats on your 700th blog too!!!

  8. I love it! It is just perfect. Kudos to you and your designer.

  9. Anonymous5:20 PM EST

    AHHHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it Linda!!!! Amanada's artwork is so cool.

  10. Wow, it's awesome Linda. I really, really like it. Steller. I'm about due for a change too. Have a great day. :)

  11. What an amazing transformation. I knew something was up as your page loaded and I couldn't wait to see the results. Kudos to Amanda for her wonderful artwork and a high five to Se7en for his design!

    Oh...and you will never, ever be "just Ordinary Mom." Trust me.

  12. It all looks totally swell!

  13. It looks fantastic! I always like the dark type on the light background. My eyes can't take too much of the other way around.

    It's easy to find stuff and the artwork is terrific.

  14. SWEET artwork! Your page actually looks vibrant & "alive"! I was very pleasantly surprised by what I saw upon arriving @ your blog site! Amanda should be commended for her outstanding drawings. Believe it or not, I could actually tell who's who by the color of their hair - funny, isn't it? You won't have to pay for art school for Amanda, she'll have plenty of scholarships for that!

  15. well I like everything but 1, the print came up too small to read and I had to enlarge it....which means this coment form has 2 words per line haha

    never fear, you'll always be Supermom to Mightymom!!

  16. Anonymous9:04 PM EST

    First, Amanda is amazing!!! I love Amanda's hair and she looks so sophisticated. You totally rock and I love Jamie's red fingernails and toenails.

    Se7en is amazing. I love it! It's totally you!!!

    Congrats. :)

  17. Anonymous12:27 AM EST

    Wow, thanks for the accolades, but it's the art that makes the design on this one. I just had to code a layout around it.

    I'm glad everyone loves it! =)


  18. Anonymous1:10 AM EST

    You blog just blew me away! Awesome looking and what a great way to celebrate your 700th post. Amanda is very talented. I really hope she continues to use her talent even if just for fun.

    And yes I'm doing you tag meme in a bit :)

  19. 700th! Wow! And they've all been great, too.
    Amanda really outdid herself on this one. You guys all look adorable and she nailed it quite well! Way to go, Amanda!!!
    Se7en did a great job with all of the formatting, too. I need a change, as well. I've about had it with those stripes!

  20. Anonymous6:43 AM EST

    I **SO** puffy heart the new layout! It's fantastic...

    Happy Wednesday!

  21. Well you know that I love it and the SQUID totally rocks!


  22. Anonymous4:08 PM EST

    Love it! Very clean and cheerful.

  23. Linda!!!! This is fabulous! Amanda is so fantastically talented. Seriously, I hope she furthers her talent, because she is amazing.

    Se7en sounds like a man I need to contact!!!

    Everything is awesome!

    Oh yeah, and I just gave you two awards today - they'll look great on your new layout ;-)

  24. ahhhh, excellence, excellence everywhere!!! Many many kudos to the artiste! :)

  25. Anonymous5:54 PM EST

    The layout is great!

    I've visited your blog a few times, and I really must come back. I really, really like it!

  26. Wow Just saw your message on my site. Your avatar is wonderful!!!

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

  27. It's all FABULOUS!!!!!

  28. Anonymous11:25 AM EST

    My opinion is that its awesome. I liked that.

  29. Anonymous9:15 AM EST

    its fabulous. nice layout.
    keep posting.


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