Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A View From Dispatch

Can you believe that this picture was taken with the camera on a cell phone? Well, more accurately, it was taken with an Apple iPhone that one of the guys I work with bought for himself awhile back (oh, to be young and live at home with my mother and be able to afford all the cool toys!).

I asked Dane to take this picture at work a couple of Fridays ago as I thought the clouds looked really cool that afternoon and naturally I didn't have my digital camera with me as I don't make a habit of bringing it to work with me. Dane whipped out his new iPhone and this is what he emailed me. I haven't touched it up at all, just posted it the way I got it, and I've got to say that it came out quite well for it being a camera phone - a camera phone! But I'm not jealous, really I'm not as I'd probably never be able to figure out how to use an iPhone as I'm just not that technologically savvy.

But don't the clouds look cool??


  1. sigh, I need a better camera...my pics are terrible and video is worse. one day the prize patrol will stop by....

  2. Well yeah it's a great picture for a phone, but dang! Is that your view every day????


  3. Way too cool... I love it when pictures like this can be captured. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous4:39 PM EST

    Nice and Nice and really nice pic. I wish i could be there.....

  5. That really is a terrific picture -especially coming from a picture phone type thing. Very good and clear colors!

  6. Anonymous9:19 PM EST

    wow, what a beautiful shot!! I love the clouds!! Very blue.

  7. Anonymous3:08 AM EST

    That's gorgeous Linda! The colour is amazing!

  8. Uh, we work THERE?

    That picture actually makes Norwich look cool.....

    I'll be darned.

  9. "(oh, to be young and live at home with my mother and be able to afford all the cool toys!)" Crack me up! Lovely view you've got.

  10. Nice Photo!

    I too work in a 911 center with a bunch of young / single / no-kid dispatchers that have the time and money to play... I get jealous at times... until I spend time with the kiddos!

    I actually found your blog by clicking on "old cemetaries" from my profile.

    Imatine my surprise to find another dispatcher there!!!

    Have a great afternoon.

    Davd, the Father of five.


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