Sunday, December 2, 2007

Adventures in Teenage Hair Dying

Greenish hairOne of the things on my "to-do" list for this weekend was to do something about Amanda's hair as it was starting to look a little - well ... uhm, shall we say, faded? It had been quite some time since it was dyed blue (Projekt Revolution was on August 26th and that was over three months ago) and the color had gone from a pretty blue to a nice turquoise to a rather sickly shade of green. The time had most definitely come to do something about Amanda's hair but the question was what?

dyed all blackNormally I would turn to my good friend and long-time hair stylist Trisha but she's juggling quite the course load at college this semester as well as trying to keep up with her full-time job so her time is very limited. Add on to that the fact that my finance are very limited (sigh - story of my life!) and I was hoping to get away with something a little less expensive that still might do the trick. However, I have little to no experience in hair styling or dying or anything else

Gerard Way look-alikeAfter giving it some thought I suggested to Amanda that perhaps we could color her hair black and that would cover all of the various and assorted colors that it had become ... brown in the back, faded blue in the front, Lord knows what color in other places ...! She thought that would be okay as long as we could add a little bit of color to it elsewhere as she didn't want it to be just black. The kid has just got to be different, doesn't she??

We went to our local Sally's Beauty Supply last night and picked up a few supplies (as seen on tv) that I thought should do the job - a bleaching kit, a cap for pulling hair through and bleaching/dying a limited number of strands, and a bottle of pink hair dye that we hoped would do the trick. I told Amanda to not get mad at me if her hair didn't turn out exactly the way she wanted it to as I've never done this sortbleaching process of thing before but she was hopeful that what she had in mind would come to fruition. First things first, we dyed her hair black all over last night and I thought that part came out pretty good myself. It definitely covered all the hodgepodge of colors that her hair had become and it was nice to see her with just one color for a change!

Today brought the next steps in the process with the first being to bleach out some of the hair that I had just colored last night. Seems kind of silly, doesn't it? I know there are probably better ways to have done this but the thing is, I'm not talented/smart enough toAmanda's new look know how to dye certain chunks of hair and not others so this was the best I could do. We left the bleach on for close to two hours and then rinsed it out and applied the pink dye that we had gotten. I left that on for well over an hour but even with that long on her hair Amanda didn't get the pink results that she wanted.

Amanda's new hair colorInstead what she ended up with was a small amount of color that frames her face and it's most definitely not the pink that she was hoping for though in places it looks pink, you just can't see that in these pictures. It most definitely broke up the pure black color and personally I think it looks pretty good and is 110% better than what she had going into this whole thing. Okay, so it's not hot pink but it flatters her and goes great with her skin tone. At least that's what I keep telling her but she's afraid that she now looks like everyone else. I applaud her for wanting to be different but for now, maybe she could get used to being just a little different instead of over-the-top diffeexploding hair bleachrent?
Oh, and memo to self - be sure to discard of the leftover bleaching agent properly next time before it has a chance to burst and end up a mess all over the kitchen counter! Sometimes it's too easy to forget that when bleaching and dying hair you're working with chemicals that might be best left to a science lab! And I am certainly no Mister Wizard or the next famous hair stylist to the stars! Still, I think I do okay with what few talents I have and I give myself props for not having all my daughter's hair fall out all over the floor! Of course, then we wouldn't have to worry about what color it was going to be, would we?!?


  1. Anonymous4:16 AM EST

    I think it looks FANTASTIC!! What a great job Mom!

    It does frame her pretty face very well - it's just perfect!


  2. Anonymous6:05 AM EST

    You two did a great job. Looks great!

  3. You did a great job Linda, what a fantastic Mum you are!

  4. Another change for the multicoloured Amanda!

  5. She looks lovely. No complaints. She has a mother who thinks blue and pink are perfectly natural hair colors.

  6. You are one of the coolest moms I have ever met!

    Her hair turned out fabulous. Let her know that I said "No, she does not look like everyone else... not even close!"

  7. I think you have done a great job! Amanda hair looks great.

    Someone with talent and a personality like hers could never fit in the normal box :)

  8. Yup.

    Coolest. Mom. Eva!

    :) That's me with a Boston accent. ;)

    Lookin' good 'MandaPanda!!

  9. Anonymous4:21 PM EST

    I love it!! She looks spectacular!!

  10. I liked the black. :)

    The ending product looks amazing, though!

    Great job on this one mom.

  11. Your work on the dye job and streak came out a hell of a lot better than did my first - and ONLY attempt to frost my hair myself. I ended up with a white-blonde streak about 2 inches across in the middle, then next to that a yellow streak, followed by orange and finally, ended up with the end being the normal brown! I did it on a Sunday night too -when we were in the throes of a heavy snowstorm. I needed to get some spray color to put on my hair so I could go to work the next morning but had no vehicle. I ended up convincing my next-door neighbor's husband to take me to the only drug store open late at night so I could pick up the stuff I needed to be half-way presentable at work the next day. Ah, the wisdom of youth at times, huh?

  12. I love those pictures! And thanks for the advice about leaving the makings out. I can just see one of my kids dumping it!

  13. Frankly, I hate it. It's way too much and she should conform or it will be hell to pay later in life.
    Now, for the truth! I'm afraid if all of us say we like it, she'll go back to dayglo green!
    Amanda - you look mahvelous, to die for....


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