Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Call to Arms For the Women of the Blogosphere!

Ladies! Ladies! Wherefore art thou, ladies, with thy cunning remarks and snarky comebacks to make the bravest man huddle in the corner licking his wounds and bandaging his damaged ego? Queen Mimi tells me that so far the only two ladies who have stepped up to the task of taking on the men in this week's Comeback Challenge hosted at Dating Profile of the Day are myself and Polli of Polliwog's Pond. Whereas I think that myself and Lady Polli can certainly put up a good fight against the men there is truth in the saying that "there is safety in numbers" and we need some more women to join us in this battle of the wits against the men.

Come on, ladies, each week Queen Mimi "combs the dating sites, newspaper ads and heresay bachelor sayings to post the looniest bachelor profile headings, the most bizarre, the least intellectual" and all you have to do is email her back with your snappiest comeback to these totally inane and downright ridiculous pick-up lines. These are men uttering these things, not women, and it just doesn't seem right that men are winning the challenge for the snarkiest comeback to another man.

We, ladies, are supposed to be the Countesses of the Comeback, the Princesses of the Put-Down, the Sovereigns of Snide, and the Goddesses of Gotcha! I know for a fact that a lot of you out there have the sense of humor that it takes to not only rise to this challenge but to win it without breaking a nail or batting a mascaraed eye!

I beseech you ladies, sharpen your wits and come help myself and Polli ward off the men who wish to claim the title every week! If you win, the Queen will issue you a lovely badge for your blog and also give you bragging rights that may not mean much in terms of gold but can sure make you feel good otherwise!

Now come on, who's with me?? Let's storm the castle and take away the prize!!


  1. Just remember, if you're going to engage in a battle of wits, don't come to the fight unarmed! :0)

  2. I would definitely be unarmed if I came to this battle! *LOL*

    I'll let you gals battle this one. I'll cheer from the sidelines. ;)

  3. Challenge accepted. Oh, you meant for the women. If you stop here you might see why I'm getting a little gender identity crisis over playing this game ggg.

  4. My Lady, my Lady... you jest, just be his charming guest,
    Tis the easiest way to win over a witty man,
    But alas, I am only a spectator on the sidelines reading your dating sport!

  5. Pssst! Look...Results are in!

    Thanks to the girls who played:
    Asara, Linda and Polli!

  6. I shamelessly admit that I forget about this on Saturday's... Begging her forgiveness and praying her Excellence the Queen will spare me from the dungeon.


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