Thursday, December 13, 2007

Granny Bragging

Chris & MattI'm afraid that I have been failing miserably in the Grandmother Department of my blog and that it's been a long time since I posted any pictures of Christopher and Mathew. Matter of fact, I think it might have been way back in July since I posted pictures from the boys' combined birthday party and surprised a few people with the fact that I am, in fact, a grandmother.

It's not that I have any problems with being a grandmother; after all I can certainly be 39 years old and quite easily be a grandmother, right? Oh wait, you guys know I'm not 39 years old, don't you? Curse me for ever putting that darned birthday counter in my sidebar!

Ah well, be that as it may, these two fine looking young gentlemen who are all dressed up for Christmas (and probably never wore these clothes again once they got home from their photo-shoot!) are in fact my grandsons - Christopher, with the dark hair, is obviously the oldest while that curly-haired Mattblondie is young Mathew Kendall who will be 3 in June and is probably the only child my only son will ever have. Considering that Michael always said he was never going to have any children ever, I guess we can almost call Mathew a miracle child!

Two of my good friends, Rhonda and Cyndi, are grandmothers also and we all have grandsons (where are all the granddaughters?). Naturally I sent these pictures off to both of them (these are copies of the proofs) and the email that I got back from MizCyn was too good not to post here! After all, we grandmothers do like to hear these sorts of things and then share them with the rest of the world!

Chris & MattTo quote my dearest friend in California: "All grannies think that their lil' darlings are the cutest use of DNA since Johnny Depp -- but as one granny to another, I'm shocked to say that you might have me beat on this one! Talk about little heartbreakers!"

High praise indeed from one of the proudest grandmothers on the West Coast! I've yet to hear back from Rhonda but she's been having some computer issues as of late and may have had to have the Geek Squad back out for some repairs so she might not have gotten the pictures yet. Rhonda, though, is the consummate grandmother and I'm sure she'll have nothing but glowing things to say.
I could probably take a few "Grandmother" lessons from both Cyndi and Rhonda but I've got a good reason for not posting a lot of pictures - I don't have that many! However, with the Christmas gift that Michael and Laura are getting, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting pictures more often and then can share them more often!

As for these pictures, even though I'd have to say that the picture in the upper left-hand corner of this post is probably my favorite, I just had to post this last one as it really makes me smile as I can just hear what the boys were probably thinking ...

Chris & Matt"Are we done yet?"
"Is this the last picture?"
"Oh no, not another picture!"
"Take the shot already, lady!"
"I could really use some lunch right now."

Yep, boys will be boys but I've got to admit, they're pretty durned cute!


  1. Yup, those are some pretty cute little guys.

  2. What a great post Linda. I so enjoyed all the pictures too. They are indeed handsome young men. Yes, they are. I raised a boy and now have two granddaughters. How does that work. Have a great evening. :)

  3. oh my gosh, they are DARLING! and i LOVE the last one!

    smiles, bee

  4. you can tell they have a bit of Gramma Linda's personality....

    (and they are way cute)

    I so want to be a gramma....

  5. You have every right to be a proud grandmother...those two handsome young men are precious beyond words! You're one lucky grandma.

  6. Linda-
    You have a beutiful family. Thanks for sharing these photos..

  7. OMG, they ARE too cute, Linda. :)

    The little blondie reminds me of Tyler. He has that mischievous look about him. I bet they'd make great friends. The hands in the pockets are too cute. Did they make them do that to keep from hitting one another?! *LOL*

    I'm glad to see this "bragging" post. You have great bragging rights. ;)

    Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

  8. OMGoodness! They are so cute! I can just imagine what heart breakers they will turn out to be soon. And they both have that devilish twinkle that makes boys just incorrigible - in a good way, you know.

    Keep on bragging and I'm hoping for more photos too. So you must be like me with the big age difference in your children?

  9. What a wonderful post, Linda. The boys are adorable!!

  10. Anonymous1:32 AM EST

    I had NO idea you had a son! Cool! Thanks for sharing the pics of these sweet babes. I LOVE the last picture. That's the one I would buy, and the photog would think I'm's just so real.
    This was fun.

  11. I also loved this post, Linda! What adorable photos of these little guys. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh, Granny, those boys are gorgeous.

  13. Anonymous6:01 AM EST

    Ah... These are the future hearth throb guy having the preparation for the future. Nice


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