Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Mo Show - "A Christmas Carol"

Wednesday, 7pm Eastern
on Blog Talk Radio

Our second Mo Show Book Club selection
is Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

Join in the discussion of this classic,
in all its incarnations.

I have always loved "A Christmas Carol" ever since I was a kid and used to watch the Mr. Magoo version which debuted on TV in 1962. Since then I've enjoyed "Scrooged" with Bill Murray in 1988, Patrick Stewart's 1999 version, and the best ever version - in my humble holiday opinion - "The Muppet Christmas Carol" (1992) complete with one of the best Scrooges ever - Michael Caine!

If you aren't too busy doing last-minute shopping tomorrow night, join us for The Mo Show on BlogTalk Radio and don't forget to bring your best humbug!


  1. love it!
    I try to read and watch it every December!!

  2. I saw Scrooged about a week ago, It's on On Demand. I forget how funny it is. Every Christmas in school,usually the last day before vacation. they would show the old version with Alistair Simms, that one was really scary if I remember my elementary school self correctly!

  3. I cannot believe I never saw "The Muppet Christmas Carol." Where was I in '92 anyway?

    Thanks for the clip. {:< )

  4. The great minds seem to be running around the rut joined at the hip. I did mine on the Mo Show and favorite version as well.

    Hope you are gearing up for a wonderful Christmas with the girls.

  5. The definative version, is the Alistair Sim version. Nothing else comes close.


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