Friday, December 28, 2007

What a Tangled Mess We Make!

My house is a mess. Plain and simple. It looks like a bomb exploded or a hurricane blew through or like two teenage girls spread the stuff all over the place with neither thought or care as to where it landed! I seriously need to do something about all of this but I seriously have no ambition to actually do anything about it!

Jamie will be going back down to Florida next Saturday so I am thinking that I am just going to let things more or less go until then - at least that's my current plan as I look around at all of the clutter. After all, a lot of this stuff she's going to be packing back up and taking down to Florida with her. Too bad there were no new luggage sets under the Christmas tree as she's got a lot more to take back then she brought up but that's usually the way it goes whenever she comes up as my Mom is very generous when it comes to buying her new clothes knowing that she gets very few otherwise.

Of course, even though I am sitting here saying that I'm not going to do anything about this mess until next week, I know in my heart that the neat-nick Virgo that I am will eventually prevail and I'll start picking things up here and there. It's really true that old habits are hard to break! Maybe I'll start with the pile of stuff on the dining room table ...

...or then again ... maybe I can get some time in on Rock Band before the girls want to play instead?
Hmmm ...


  1. Oh good lord woman. I am going to call the Martha Stewart police on you.
    Why I never...

  2. You'll cave. :)

    Just remember-a perfect house is a sign of a wasted life.

  3. I think it's just a bit cluttered. That happens this time of year. It looks clean though. What Mags said Linda...what Mags said. Have a great day. :)

  4. You don't expect anything to look tidy after Christmas, do you?

  5. Besides you have to hustle back to the third day because I answered your question and found a gift for the ladies that fits the theme.

  6. oh geez...that's should see the mess here....

  7. Anonymous6:52 PM EST

    your house looks like a happy family lives there :) Just popped in to say hello!!

  8. should see my looks like Santa's elves had a free-for-all in every room. And my problem? I don't have teenage girls to blame for this mess!

  9. It doesn't look bad at all! I won't post a photograph of the room I'm in now.
    No No No

  10. Well, to my eye it looks like people live well there. But, as the son of a Virgo, I understand the need to make the place look like a summer home that you only visit once a year for two weeks.


  11. Looks alright to me Linda - it's a home! :) x

  12. Anonymous4:05 PM EST

    Lol you should see behind my TV! I just got some new toys for Christmas and I just hooked everything up in a hurry. I have freaking cables everywhere, what a mess!

    I like you have absolutely no ambition to fix it.

  13. Thats a mess? I am glad you cant see my house :)

    I tidy more in other peoples houses than my own. I am the perfect house guest (hint) lol!

  14. Anonymous12:37 AM EST

    You think THAT's messy?
    Come visit sometime, it'll make you feel oh-so-much-better!
    And I loooove that cute little pink sewing machine!

  15. Anonymous12:24 AM EST

    Your house looks WAY better than mine, girlfriend!!

  16. Please don't make me take photos of my house just to make you feel a thousand times better. LOL


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