Sunday, January 6, 2008

Did anyone get the plate number ...

... of the truck that hit me? To quote my old Gram B when I woke up early yesterday morning, "I didn't feel a bit good" and from there I progressed to not feeling so much like Death eating a cracker but like Death enjoying a long and bountiful banquet ...

Death eating a cracker by Art-MunkeyHaving not had an episode of stomach flu in so long I can't remember I had forgotten how very debilitating and horrible it can be. Trust me, my memory banks have been fully restored to an overflow capacity of knowing exactly how it feels again after yesterday's bout of illness. With the exception of making the trip across the hall to the bathroom way too many times, I didn't leave my bed from 12:00 Friday night until I was able to painfully extricate myself this morning at 7:00 a.m. - a full 30 hours later! Normally I rather like my bed and have a great deal of trouble removing myself from it's warm comfort in the mornings but today I wanted nothing more to do with it as there was no longer a comfortable position to lie in. The sad thing is that after all of the sleep I've gotten in the past day and a half, I'm still tired but I need to try to recover enough to get myself into work this afternoon.

If my being sick weren't bad enough, the timing probably couldn't have been worse as yesterday was the day that Jamie was supposed to fly back to Florida. Her flight wasn't until later in the evening out of Providence but it became painfully apparent to me that there was no way I was going to be able to get her there in the condition that I was in. In between bouts of nausea, I was able to get a hold of Southwest Airlines and spoke to a very nice lady there who canceled Jamie's flight reservations without any sort of a penalty and told me that I could apply the electronic funds to a new ticket on-line.

Knowing her Dad wasn't going to be happy about the whole thing I first checked to see if I could get Jamie on a flight during the week but without a 14-day advance purchase, I was looking at $277 for a flight - ouch! A quick check of Saturday showed that I could put her on the exact same flight she had been booked on just a week later for only $74 which meant that I could use the refund from her previous flight and still have a little money left over for whenever she flies up next. Even in my headachey, stomach crampy, nauseated stupor I was smart enough to figure that was the best deal so booked Jamie for that flight. The whole process took maybe ten minutes on the laptop but that was long enough to totally wipe me out so I didn't take the time to look up dear old Dad's email address to forward him the new flight info, etc. as I figured I'd be able to do it today when I was hoping to feel marginally better.

Understanding, sympathetic, non-suspicious person that he is, when Jamie told her dad that she wasn't flying back as planned and was going to be here another week his immediate reaction was "tell your mom to send me that flight change information now". I heard Jamie trying to explain to him that I was sick, I couldn't get out of bed, and that I would do it as soon as I felt better but I guess that he thought that I was basically up to no good and just didn't want to put Jamie back on the plane. He was apparently not convinced that I had made alternate arrangements and that there was no return flight booked.

Granted, I have thought of such things in the past however getting a major case of the stomach flu would not have figured into those plans. Besides, if he wants Jamie back down to Florida sooner than the flight I have her currently booked on then he's more than welcome to pay for the ticket at a much higher rate. Somehow, I don't see that happening, though. I suppose I could have picked up the phone and talked to him myself but I seriously was not feeling up to an argument. I'm still not feeling up to one but I'm sure that one will ensue later today. Oh goodie.

At any rate, I've had a cup of tea this morning which seems to be sitting okay and am debating a piece of toast. I still feel wiped out and pretty tender around the abdominal area but I would say I'm 1,000% better than yesterday. I just hope that neither of the girls come down with whatever I had as it's brutal and I hope I don't have a relapse either as I really need to go into work this afternoon.

I'm beginning to wonder why I bothered to get a flu shot this year what with the nasty colds and stomach flu I've now gotten. Being sick is probably a great way to lose some weight but I'm pretty sure that there are better methods out there!

Update: The ex called and he was more understanding about it then I thought he would be. His only complaint was that I should have called him first but like I told him, I was lucky I could even call Southwest. Also, I've decided not to go into work after all. I had some toast but I still feel pretty lousy and putting on a uniform to go in and deal with other people's emergencies just seems like more than I can handle right now. I think I feel another nap coming on ...


  1. Calling in sick isn't really an option if you don't have any sick time. The damage it does to your paycheck is horrendous. Just go to work and make THEM suffer for a change. :-)

  2. You and I seem to be living parallel lines in terms of illness lately so I absolutely feel your pain. I highly recommend the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) to help get your strength back before starting on "real" food. Stay cozy and warm and get better real soon.

    Oh yeah...and I had my first flu shot ever this year. Ptooey!

  3. Sorry to hear how bad you are, Linda. Hope you're well soon.

  4. That sounds like a horrible flu you are battling.

    To tell you the truth when I started reading your post I thought you had been in a car accident. Haaven forbid!

    I'm such a literal person sometimes I scare myself.

  5. (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) I hope you feel much better very soon Linda! I'm glad you didn't have to deal with an argument with the ex... I know all too well how those arguments make you feel like crap, let alone being sick on top of it!

  6. If your lucky, Jamie won't get sick, but will be a carrier for the bug. That way your ex will get to enjoy it firsthand and the next time something comes up he might be a little more sympathetic.

  7. Sorry you were laid low with a bug. I can remember my last bout and it is not pretty. The BRAT diet sounds like it would work. I have never heard of that acronym for return to eating. Hope you are better tomorrow.

  8. Glad you're starting to feel better.

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  10. So sorry you've been sick, Linda.
    Sounds like you had a horrible time of it.

    And I love the idea you gave Bud for his feature.Brilliant. I told him if he doesn't use it, I'm going to steal it. Bwaahaahaaa

  11. Sorry you got that nasty bug, Linda. Nothing worse than dealing with ex-spouses when you don't even want to deal with lifting your head off the pillow.

    Just a little bit of information that won't make you feel any better. When you have is almost certainly not the flu. Believe it or not, but there is really no such thing as "stomach flu." Flu symptoms include fever, body aches and sometimes a rash. But rarely does it involve vomiting or stomach upset.

    What you have is probably not a virus at all, but rather a bacterial infection of some kind. Hence the nausea and vomiting.

  12. Anonymous9:52 PM EST

    Hope you'll feel better soon. Glad you didn't have a hard time with your ex when you are struggling with your illness.

  13. Not you! I knew it when I didn't see a blog post. You're too bloggy not to blog.

    Feel better soon. Rest up. I'm glad you didn't go to work. Good girl :)

    I hope the girls don't get it either...

    Brain Foggles

  14. Anonymous11:41 PM EST

    Hope you feel better soon! Being "tick" is no fun!

  15. I hope you feel better...and I think Jeff's idea just might work...

  16. I'm sorry to hear about your illness. If only I can do anything for you. Hope this short message will help ease your pains.
    "So sorry to hear
    you are feeling ill,
    And wish we could send you
    a magic pill.

    Instead good wishes
    are winging their way,
    Hoping you're
    feeling better today.

    Just take it easy
    and rest for a while,
    Soon you will face
    life again with a smile.

    Get well soon.

  17. Hope your feeling a wee bit better?

  18. That bug has been doing the rounds here too Linda, thankfully MWM and I haven't succumbed! Hope you're feeling a little better now.

    It's lucky you were able to change Jamie's flight.

    How nice the ex is, so sympathetic! :(

  19. Sorry to hear about your illness -- hope you don't get a relapse when you see Claire's, uh, sympathy post....

    Terrible to have to deal with the illness and the flight arrangements and the ex-spouse all at an overwhelming once....

  20. I'm so sorry you have been ill. Even if you are on the mend, you might try some ginger tea to keep your stomach behaving properly.

  21. How come you spared your readers here the AU mental imagery????????????????????????????

    Glad you're feeling better!


  22. I hope you feel better soon. The extra day of rest will be the ticket (nice travel metaphor, right?)

    It's been awhile since I flew Southwest, but they were most accommodating of me and my wheelchair...great airline.

  23. Hey come on blog woman! I hope you haven't Au'd away :)

  24. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, rest up and get back to us soon ok?

    NinjaNurse is obligated to inform the public of the following:

    the flu shot you got does nothing for what folks call "flu" which is really a stomach virus (GI if you want to be specific) because that isn't the flu. It also does nothing for head colds as that is an Upper Respiratory Infection and isn't the flu either.

    The flu is a disease caused by the influenza virus. It causes cough, congestion, fever, fatigue (extreme), generalized achiness, runny nose, and decreased appetite. It lasts 7-10 days. So, as long as you've not been in bed for a week going through 2 boxes of tissue a day and feeling like you were hit by a semi....your flu shot worked. Be thankful!

  25. Anonymous8:17 AM EST

    I think brat diet works great. It is very simple 3 day diet. It is used most with children but good for adults too.


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