Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've Got A Question - You've Got An Answer

The company that I work for, American Ambulance Service, Inc., is just one part of The American Group of which American Professional Educational Services, Connecticut Ambulance Billing Service, Inc., and MACARA Vehicle Services are also a part of. One of the 'perks' of the job is that we can have our vehicles serviced at MACARA and have it payroll deducted - which comes in quite handy when needed.

I dropped my car off this morning on my way into work for an oil change, tire rotation, and a few other small things that need to be done periodically and caught a ride down to pick it up again after work. When I got there, the manager seemed a bit upset that they hadn't had a chance to get to it yet in spite of the fact that I had dropped it off at 7:00 and it was now after 3:00. It wasn't just that which had him upset, though. Apparently another customer had somehow managed to back into my car while it was in the parking lot and done a pretty good job of scraping up the rear bumper on the passenger side.

Uh ... okay ... I certainly wasn't expecting that but Pete assured me that the other guy's insurance company was going to pay for the damage and that they had already ordered the paint and could do the work right there next week. They had just about been ready to start the oil change when I walked in so I said I had to walk down the street to run an errand anyway so no big deal and when I looked at the damage to the car it really wasn't that bad either. If I had something other than plastic bumpers it might have been a lot worse but it was just a lot of paint transference and a couple of small nicks that could be easily repaired.

I really wasn't at all upset as it was obviously an accident, not that much damage, and these things happen - hence the reason they're called 'accidents'. Truth be told, I'd rather the guy had totaled the thing as I have gap insurance and it would have gotten me out from under a car payment that I'd rather not have but oh well ... whatchagonnado?

Anyway, all of that brings me to this week's question and it's about accidents -

Have you ever had or been in a car accident?
I've been driving for well over 30 years now and have fortunately only ever had one accident many, many years ago in 1979 when crossing an overpass on a highway in Minnesota. There was some black ice on the roadway that I didn't see that spun our small British MG-B around in almost a complete circle before it backed up over the embankment and came to a stop doing quite a number on the wheel bearing. Thankfully no one was hurt and the car was able to be driven to a garage in a nearby North Dakota town but it sure gave me one heck of a scare.

Since then I always chant "bridge freezes before roadway" when driving in winter weather and have been fortunate enough to not have anymore accidents. I count myself very lucky - very lucky indeed.

Now, what about you? Have you had a guardian angel on your shoulder when you're on the road, too?


  1. Many years ago, I was at a 4-way stop sign intersection. I'd stopped and, with no one else waiting, I began to proceed. Suddenly a big sedan came speeding through the Stop sign to my right and crashed into my passenger door pushing my car up on the curb right in front of the local elementary school. I'll never forget how blessed I felt surviving the crash and how thankful I was that the students were all in class at the time of the accident.

    Oh...and I should mention that the other driver (a Brit) took full responsibility AND had been on her way before the accident to our Dept. of Motor Vehicles to apply for her California driver's license. Oops!

  2. Funny, but at certain times on the road I can still hear the sounds of the crash. It happened in 1976, in our first new car - okay, it was a Pinto!
    A elderly woman ran a stop sign and T-boned me. I was doing about 40-45 mph - the legal speed. The only thing that saved us (besides angels!) was that at the very last minute I turned the wheel a tad. I never even had a chance to hit the brakes.
    I had four kids with me. The "nice" policeman told me where I could find a pay phone. And it was June - in Bakersfield, where the sidewalk bakes stuff.
    Fortunately, no major injuries. The older man riding with her had to go to hospital...
    It is scary.

  3. Yes, I had an angel with me.

    One fine sunny day I was on my way to work. I was 18 at the time. Well, we lived in Pollock Pines, Ca which is 14 miles up the hill from Placerville. I was on my way to work and running low on fuel. Well, for years my dad would turn his motor off and coast down the hill to placerville. Well, me being the newbie that I was. I turned my car off and started coasting down the hill. (Car is a 76 chevy vega hatchback with an almuinum block with power everything and a locking steering wheel)
    So this car was new to me. So coasting, coasting turn in the road. Making the turn just fine, Now the road straightens. Only not for me my car is still turning at 60 miles an hour. The steering wheel locked. OH CRAP, I fly off the road and end up down a hill with a tree going completely thru the passenger side window clear thru to the Hatch Back. It was very steep I could hardly get myself out of the seat belt. It was hard. I was just thinking I need to get my car out of here. It was so scary. I worked at Mc Donalds so I was in my outfit. Back then in 1979 we didn't have cell phones. So I climbed up the hill and was totally freaking I started walking up the hill and went off the freeway and found someone's house and called my friend Missy and told her what happened. So I walked back to the scene as Missy was coming for me. WEll, when I got back to the car there were people everywhere and the cops and OH my it was scary. I didn't have a scratch on me. God had put his angels around me. I had bought the car for 1,500 dollars back then. Well, the police said a flat tire caused the accident. Because when I ran off the road the car went over one of those snow measure sticks and punctured the tire. Also when flying off the road the undercarriage was completely ripped out from under the car. So the car was totalled. Insurance gave me $1,700 for the car.

    Psst. My dad told me not to say a dang word about turning off the motor on the car and the wheel locking. so I didn't. My dad nor myself have never coasted a car down the hill since.

    Never been in a accident since nor ever received a ticket. Knocking on wood.

  4. I've been quite lucky and don't want to jinx it.

    Scary stuff

  5. gosh yes! i was driving north and some yahoo hit me broadside and the next thing i knew, i was headed south... not fun!

    smiles, bee

  6. Before I say it, turns round three times with thumb in mouth, I have never had a car accident and I've been driving 20 years.. I've been in the car when MWM had one but that wasn't my fault. :0

  7. Anonymous1:16 PM EST

    After college graduation, parents gave me a new car. I was driving after Christmas to the town of my new job.

    Enroute stopped at behind another car at a red light. I looked in rear view mirror to see an 18 wheeler traveling at a speed which suggested it wasn't planning to stop.

    It did stop after it plowed into my car pushing me into forward car so it was like a rear end collision followed by a front end collision. Even though the car was totaled, I was only bruised a bit.


  8. I had one near miss thanks to a great truck driver. A car spun out in front of four lanes of traffic. Since he was up high, he saw it starting and leaned on his horn and waved me in front of him to go off a freeway exit.

    The sudden move threw my infant son out of his car seat (back then they weren't belted in and it was in the front seat.

    I got off safely as about ten cars that had been in front of me plowed into each other.

    Scared but uninjured. No others when I've been driving, but two when others were where cars drove into the rear. Messed up back but again nothing life threatening.

  9. Sorry about all the ouches on your car.

    Yes, I had a pretty good accident well before I had my first drivers license. My boyfriend let me drive his parents' brand new car and I hit black ice (Oregon) on a bridge and that car spun around and around hitting both sides of the bridge until the bridge ended and then down the embankment we went and came to rest a few feet from the railroad tracks. Needless to say the car ended up totaled. Oh I was in trouble big time. I think I was grounded until I was 30 over that.

  10. Anonymous10:41 PM EST

    I've been in a few minor fender-benders. However, I know that my guardian angel was watching out for me one day in particular. I was a young married gal, crossing a very busy two lane highway...quite stressed for unknown reasons...and when I looked to the left while in the middle of the highway I saw the bumper of a HUGE pickup truck. I swear, it went right through me. I don't know, and can't explain how the truck missed me, other than divine intervention. I've thanked God many times for sparing me on that day. Of course, that day was probably one of a million.

  11. I've been in 2 accidents, both fortunately minor.

    The first one was as a 16 year old. I hit a friend's car as I was backing out of the driveway. It was one of those where I misjudged the distance and turned the wheel too soon. Very embarrassing.

    The other happened when I was 18, in that split second when I checked over my left shoulder in traffic, and the car in front of me slammed on its breaks when my head was turned. My little pinto slid underneath the back bumper.

    They were both my fault of course, but just accidents...I wasn't messing around or anything.

  12. Anonymous3:29 PM EST

    I have been in a ton of bad car accidents. Luckily none of them have hurt me or anyone with me or on the other end have been injured.

  13. Anonymous8:10 PM EST

    one of the accidents that i had was when me and my bro sneaked out and we were just driving around then some drunk driver hit us then the scumbag just drive away while he left us stuck in a post after we hit it...

    well good thing that me and my bro was not injured big time.

  14. Anonymous4:45 AM EDT

    I haven't experience car accidents, but I saw some of it. How sad to know that accident are really just around. We can't tell when it will happen.. . Just be strong and always prepare for it. We may not ask for it but sometimes they say those are sign of the next thing that may happen, if not it's an maybe an awakening factor of our acts. But we should not afraid by the accidents as long as we are peace loving and God fearing individual. :)


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