Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

The conversation at work yesterday revolved around flowers and how no one ever gets them delivered to them while they are at work. Most of the participants in the conversation were women with significant others along with myself, who has had absolutely no recent knowledge of flowers from a man outside of the cyber-type (thanks, Mo!) for longer than I can remember. Of course what do I expect? I haven't even been kissed in over five years so how can I possibly be expecting flowers to arrive at work and make all of my co-workers green with envy??

Still, how exciting it must be to have the receptionist call upstairs to dispatch to state that there's a delivery for you at the front desk! If memory serves me correctly (and yeah, yeah, I'm old - so it might be a bit faulty!), it's just one of the most special feelings anywhere to know that someone thought enough of you to go to all of the trouble and expense of sending you flowers. It's one of those things that can make a person smile for a very long time. Sigh ... it's a gesture that really appeals to the incurable romantic in me.

So let me ask all of you this week -
When was the last time you received flowers and from whom?
Or if you were the sender -
When was the last time you sent someone flowers and to whom?
Now, should any of you want to take pity on an ailing dispatcher and brighten my day, as well as make all of my fellow co-workers gnash their teeth and go into fits of jealousy, you can send flowers to Linda c/o American Ambulance Dispatch, One American Way, Norwich, CT 06360. I work double shifts on Monday! Kidding - just kidding!


  1. Wow--this is a tough one.

    I sent flowers to my mother-in-law when she was hospitalized last year.

    The last time I received flowers from my husband old is my youngest son?

    And the last time I received flowers at dispatch from someone other than the hubby is a secret that would require covert ops to extract an answer

  2. My sister gave me flowers (roses) for Thanksgiving.

    Hubby gives me flowers all the time. About three weeks ago he brought home a beautiful mixed armload of beautiful colors. So, I'm very lucky to still be getting flowers on a regular basis.

    Great question Linda. :)

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM EST

    I sent my mother flowers for Thanksgiving, and I bring my wife flowers about every two months or so.

    Unfortunately, the last time I got flowers, I was in intensive care in the hospital and they couldn't put them in my room. By the time I got to a regular room five days later they looked as bad as I felt.

  4. Anonymous6:26 PM EST

    Well I don't receive them very often, but when I do it's usually my mum or my mother in law.

    I send them much more frequently to both the above and occasionally to friends - always international, which is probably bad! But I phone a 'local' florist directly rather than take the hit from Interflora coz I'm just a cheapskate at heart.

  5. I had flowers delivered to me on my 29th birthday by my boss. It was very nice...

  6. I had a nice arrangement sent to Patti at work last Feb. 13 (because of a pending snow storm on Feb. 14...silly). And it was nice. The downside to this story is that Daisy Dock, the florist, burned down last August. A shame, because I used them before and you could always count on beautiful flowers by just telling them to use their best judgment in styling the arrangement...and always beautiful...

  7. Anonymous8:50 PM EST

    oh Linda, You can expect your desk to be filled with beautiful bouquets now!!

    I can't remember the last time I received flower--I think it was after my second child was born and I got them from my husband. He's not the flower buying type :)

    I bought flowers about a year ago for my cousin as a get well but I don't send them very often (I'd rather send--and receive--CHOCOLATE!)

  8. My dad is really great at getting or picking flowers for you just because he's thinking of you. I once told my husband he should learn from my daddy. When we moved out here, my dad came with me - the day that my husband took him on the long trip back, my dad had picked me some flowers and left me a note - I cried the entire day. When my husband got back, a few days later, he picked me some flowers and brought them home - it was the first time he had ever done that and it meant the world to me.

  9. I got flowers from Hubby in late December for our wedding anniversary.

    I sent flowers for my Uncle's funeral, still sad...

    Brain Foggles

  10. let's see, the last time was when I sent a dozen yellow roses and 1 pink to my step-mom after my daughter was born to thank her for ALLLLLLLLL the help she'd been to us during the bed-rest/recouperation time. (yellow roses are her fav).

    the last time I got flowers was when Sugars was born also. Now that we have more income hubby will probably send some periodically, he likes doing that and he always has GREAT things put on the card. I think you know about that right?

  11. I send a Christmas arrangement to my MIL every year, so December was the last time I sent. I seem to be the recipient of cyber flowers most to the time, but I always get floweres delivered to work on April 29, the date Mr. BC and I met. He is a sweetie.

  12. I got flowers delivered on my Birthday in November from a friend. The last time I got flowers delivered to work was in 1999 from MWM on our Silver Wedding Anniversary, and you're righ tit's a very special feeling.

  13. You deserve flowers for the work you do.

    I sent flowers on Valentine's Day to a girlfriend of the time in 1993.

  14. For some reason my taste in men has never produced one who sent flowers ... wonderful human beings, but no posies. My ex did once send a card with a picture of a lion holding a daisy in its tail with the words, "Forgive me, I've been a beast". Didn't help.

    I got a huge bouquet once from a lady whose dog I found when I refused a reward.

    And finally on my birthday my son gives me a Jonquil (singular - but that's another story)

    And that is almost 64 years worth of flowers.

  15. My husband did once before we married, but nothing since, and we've been married nearly 18 years now. Sad, isn't it?

  16. On our first date, I picked up a yellow rose for my Lady. So every so often I make sure she's got a rose in her mailbox at her office. Sometimes I'll send them and sometimes her assistant will get one for me - there's a florist right around the corner from her office.

    And sometimes I'll scoot downtown at lunch and do it myself.

    I also like to send them to my mom and my sister. It's something I enjoy doing and I've never thought of it as a chore, or something I had to do for screwing up.

  17. Hmmm...I'm not sure anyone has ever sent me flowers. Hubby, however, often brings home flowers for me and leaves them in a vase in our entryway so that I'll find them when I get home. He's a very sweet man.

  18. I don't know when my husband last sent me flowers. He's one of those "they'll just die" men. But last year on Valentine's Day my little sis, who lives in Poland, sent a carnation arrangement. Sweet! I will usually send flowers or a plant to the funeral home when someone close loses a loved one.

    I try and buy fresh flowers every time I go to the grocery store. Two of our local grocery stores have flower coolers and you can get a nice bundle for 6-7 dollars. Oh, and go to WalMart after Valentine's can get amazing deals on fresh roses! I usually buy a couple dozen the day after!

  19. Well, we already knew Trav was a catch, but now this... sheesh!

    Anyway: last time I sent flowers was to Bessie, on her birthday, because I was traveling to Connecticut that day to see YOU!

    Last time I got flowers: when I opened the store.

    Once, back when things were good between us, Lee sent me flowers when I worked at Target. It really meant a lot to me. Once, he loved me...

    Hopefully some day we'll BOTH (you & me, baby!) find someone who will send us flowers, and who will like getting flowers from us.


    ps: you're welcome for the flower via e-mail AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE it that you put your work address here for receiving!!!

  20. Anonymous11:45 PM EST

    I'm so happy to say that I received flowers from my dear friend, Samantha, just this week! She knew I was having a tough week and she surprised me with a sweet little bouquet.


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