Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lifting One's Spirits

My friend Mo sent me a flower in my email today - isn't it beautiful? And it's my favorite color, too!

There is nothing like a beautiful flower to lift one's spirits on a cold and cloudy January day except knowing that you have a friend who cares about you enough to send you a beautiful flower on a cold and cloudy January day. Or any day for that matter! Thank you, Mo, you are truly the best!

What about you folks? What lifts your spirits when they're a little down? What makes you smile? What warms your heart? What brightens your cold and cloudy days?


  1. Well, Mo sent me one too and it sure made my day. All this switching from Earthlink to AT&T is stressful and this beautiful Iris just made my day. I too posted a thank you. Have a great day Linda. :)

  2. Mo sent some nice photos, It is beautiful

  3. Anonymous4:35 PM EST

    When I start feeling a little down, I grab my camera and go on a photo safari. Sometimes, it's only to the back yard. Getting lost in finding "the perfect shot" seems to work magic for me.

  4. Beautiful picture.

    Getting outside for a few minutes on my own is a good way for me to lift my mood. Or 10 minutes alone with a hot coffee and some chocolate :grin.

  5. That's such a nice thing to do.

    A hug and a smile from my Lady are usually enough to pick me up.

    You know what else? The ding that tells me I have an incoming email, or the blip that tells me someone is sending me an IM. Those two sounds tell me that someone is thinking about me, and that makes me smile.

  6. I am re-energized when I get an e-mail thanking me for a story I wrote.
    Since I don't make much $$ doing it, it's nice to know that what I write is read and appreciated.

  7. ooooo I just love purple irises!!

    funny, I just bought all of Sugars' clothes in the next size up today....and they're almost all purple!!


  8. I snuggle with a good book, a cuppa joe and my pooch.

  9. How sweet Mo is!
    When I'm down, I find that a walk in nature does wonders for lifting my spirits.

  10. That MO is a sweetie for sure. You are truly surrounded with friends here, Linda.


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