Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mindless Matters

Chantal Claret of MorningwoodOkay, folks, here's a little quiz for you:

What do you get when you combine Chantal Claret, lead singer, frontwoman, and composer for the New York-based band Morningwood, and Jimmy Euringer, lead singer, frontman, and composer for the New York-based band Mindless Self Indulgence? - which just happens to be Amanda's favorite band for those who either forgot or are new to this blog!

Think about it for a couple of moments and I'll wait ...

No, the answer isn't a lot of pink, purple, and hair products ...

Jimmy Urine, lead singer of MSI Give up? The answer is a happily married couple!
Jimmy and Chantal get married According to the MSI forums and message boards, Jimmy and Chantal exchanged vows in a friend's backyard in California recently. Isn't love grand and don't they look happy together?
Mr. & Mrs. EuringerHopefully the rest of Mindless Self Indulgence's fans will be just as happy about the news as Amanda was and wish them a long and happy marriage!

With bassist Lyn-Z having married Gerard this past summer and Jimmy and Chantal now tying the knot I guess that just leaves drummer Kitty and guitarist Steve to take the plunge with their long-time significant others, 'Righ??


  1. Anonymous7:03 PM EST

    OMG, I'm getting old. I don't have a clue who these people are. And I used to be a walking encyclopedia of music industry knowledge. *sigh* It has been over 30 years since I had my band in Wisconsin.

  2. You keep up to date on music a LOT more when your kids live with you. James come back home!!!

  3. It's so nice when married folk have so much in common...occupation, hair color, clothing.

    And good for you for keeping up with the latest music news. Without your help, I wouldn't have a clue to which bands my niece is listening to right now.

  4. Congratulations for all.

    There's an Award waiting for you, Linda when you look at my Journal.

  5. It's nice to know people still believe in love enough to take the plunge. I hope they will be very, very happy.

  6. Aw that's nice!

    If Beyonce Knowles had married Roy Castle would she be

    A Beyonce Castle? :)

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM EDT

    I'm like so jealous!
    I don't wish em' a happy marriage xD.
    Jimmy looks cute in this haircut... Kind of... Normal XD.
    Suits him.

  8. Anonymous4:49 PM EST

    god jimmy looks far from what he normally looks like and thats not normal for him im happy for em anyway i mean seems like he would be the last one of msi to get married anyway lynz is pregnant now so lynz and gerrard way are gonna have a kid and the only thing im not happy about is that she wont be at the relentless gig and steves bird is pregnant to


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