Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dreaming of You ...

A couple of my blog friends recently took a survey about dreams so I figured I'd take it because it was quick and easy and because I'm one of those people who believes that dreams hold quite a bit of significance in our lives. Yeah, yeah, it's a bit "New Age" but maybe Sylvia Browne is right about dreams and how they affect our lives - or she and I could be way off base and the only thing dreams are is a way for our minds to keep on blogging after we've gone to sleep!

Anyhow, lately I've been dreaming quite a bit about people that I don't normally dream of which then makes me think about them more in my waking life. Is there a connection? Does that mean that they're thinking of me, too? It would be nice to think so - at least in some cases and in others I sure hope not like with that dream I had the other night that was way too much like a scene out of Sweeney Todd! I wonder what on earth I ate before I went to bed that night? And no, it wasn't meat pies!

While doing all of this thinking about dreaming I remembered one of my favorite songs that I hadn't heard in quite a long time but used to listen to quite often called "Dreaming of You" by the beautiful Selena, the Mexican-American singer who was tragically killed by her fan club president on April 12th, 1995. She had an incredible voice and an incredible talent and this is an incredible song. Enjoy the music and then take the dream survey, too, if you'd like!


  1. I don't often remember my dreams but when I do they are usually prophetic - I've had a few of those!

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM EST

    I was going to post my results, but the survey wouldn't accept me because of one of my stats. :-(

    My last memorable dream was quite interesting. I had it yesterday morning (and it took place then, too!)

    I was worried about not waking up in time to get to my first day at work. I just woke up and hubby walked into my bedroom saying that My oldest brother dropped of my retarded brother for a visit and for us to take him to the airport (I didn't even know he was in town!). My Late father dropped by (evidently I knew he was dead, but it was just like it was normal -- dead people making visits). I asked him how he was doing. he said he's fine, not to worry about him, and that he and my late Mom are headed to the beach and he stopped by to pick up one of her old bathing suits (mom was famous for keeping all her clothes - she had shoes and dresses from when she was in her 20s). He's joining Mom's late sister and her husband, who also recently passed away. So evidently there was a beach blast in heaven and us earthly folks weren't invited!

    I dream every night, in color and all the bells and whistles! I'm a dream analysts model subject...LOL

    Sorry to be so verbal... just thought y'all could use a laugh.

  3. I sometimes have dreams that come true and have experienced this rather odd "gift" since I was a child. It can be rather unsettling to say the least. But I've learned which ones are the real ones now! And then there are the nights when I just ate too much spicy food. I do think our dreams tell us quite a bit.....

  4. Anonymous5:47 AM EDT

    Every person has dreams sometimes they come true but sometimes they are not. But its not mean that we see not.


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