Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a Mystery to Me

Who out there doesn't love a good mystery? As a kid I used to enjoy reading the Nancy Drew mystery books and was usually lucky enough to get a few volumes every Christmas. I loved the stories of the teenage strawberry-blonde-haired sleuth who would drive around in her blue convertible with her good friends George (Georgia) and Bess solving mysteries while her attorney father, Carson Drew, seemed to not pay a whole lot of attention and housekeeper Hannah always had a hot meal waiting no matter what time of day or night Nancy came in from her mysterious adventures.

The Secret of the Old Clock, The Clue of the Broken Locket, The Clue in the Diary (where Ned Nickerson becomes Nancy's official boyfriend), The Hidden Staircase, The Moonstone Castle Mystery, The Clue of the Old Stagecoach ... I loved all 56 of the books in the series and read and reread them many times over. I wish I still had the books but alas, when one's military family is moving every couple of years it isn't practical to keep everything and despite the fact I didn't get to keep them, I'm sure those books ended up in some other lucky girl's hands.

Even though I enjoyed reading the mysteries contained witin the pages of the Carolyn Keene books (who, by the way, was not a real author but one who was invented by The Stratemeyer Syndicate, the producer of a number of series for children and adults), I never aspired to be a sleuth when I grew up. I had no visions of becoming the next Charlie Chan or Hercule Poirot or Jessica Fletcher or even Sherlock Holmes though I really did enjoy saying the occasional "Elementary, my dear Watson!" when I managed to figure out something that had been particularly elusive. I never owned a magnifying glass or Meerschaum pipe or black and white hounds-tooth deerstalker hat, though the latter might have been pretty cool now that I think about it! Mysteries were fun to read and fun to watch but I had no great desire to have any in my real life. Fiction was just fine, thank you very much!

However, it seems that I now do have a bit of a mystery on my hands and it's got me going in circles (or is that ellipticals?) because I can't for the life of me figure out the answer - and trust me, I've tried! I'm at the point where I'm about ready to call in Scooby Doo and the rest of the puzzle-solving gang in the Mystery Machine to help me figure this out - especially if I can get the Freddie Prinze, Jr. version of Fred - rowr! I'm sure those meddling kids could manage to unveil the mystery man or woman after yelling "ZOIKS!" a couple of times, hiding in wooden barrels, and scarfing down a vast quantity of Scooby Snacks. At this point I could definitely use some help with this mystery I like to call - The Case of The Mystery Visitor.

Now I know that it's not at all unusual for all blogs to have their "stalkers" - people who pop in and read on a regular basis and never leave comments. We all have stat counters and we're all aware of repeat visitors but when we notice a trend chances are good we get curious - especially if we have no clue who that silent mystery visitor might be. Normally I don't mind stalkers as at least I know that someone is reading my blog and I must be doing something right if he or she continues to come back on a regular basis. Sure, I'd love for them to leave a comment every once in awhile but some people just prefer not to leave comments. Maybe they figure I write more than enough for both of us so why bother, maybe they don't like to be bothered with having to jump through the Google hoops to leave a comment? Whatever the reason, it ain't no thing for the most part and I'm sure not going to post a sign on my sidebar that says "Stalkers Keep Out!" That would be just downright silly - not to mention rude. This isn't a private blog, it's a public blog so read away people!

However, that said, I have one visitor in particular that is driving me virtually crazy. It isn't a recent thing either - this all started sometime last April or May when I noticed a visit to my blog via a search of my full name from Stockton, California. Having lived in Stockton some years ago, and still having ties to the city, this made me somewhat curious as who on earth would I still know in Stockton we could a) spell my last name correctly and b) want to do a Google search on me? My good friend, MizCyn, lives in Stockton but she's always accessed my blog via the Norwich Bulletin website and her stats come up with a locked referrer anyway (I always know when it's her based on that alone); Sandee from Comedy Plus lives close to Stockton but I am familiar with her ISP on my stat counters and she leaves comments (thanks, Sandee!) so I know it's not her; my beloved former grandmother-in-law probably doesn't even know how to turn a computer on never mind do a Google search; and my former roommate Scott who is a sports writer for The Stockton Record would have left a comment by now (snarky former New Yorker that he is) plus I told him about my blog when I first started it.

This unknown visitor pops in at the strangest times of the night and sometimes it's several times in one night - the most recent visit came in at 4:32:43 a.m. this morning and 01:51:12 and 2:29:54 a.m. the day before. Most of the visits are later at night which leads me to believe that this mystery visitor is more of a night person or an insomniac - one or the other! Sometimes the visit is limited to just one page and other times visits go back to posts from the past as well as current ones. For some unknown reason one of my stat counters stopped recording the number of visits at 255 but that was long ago and the visits have continued. Needless to say, this has me somewhat befuddled and mystified and right now curiosity is most definitely getting the better of me! A mystery is no fun if you can't solve it!

Unfortunately my stat counters, for all that they tell me of this visitor's presence, aren't doing me a whole heck of a lot of good in solving this mystery. Sure, I checked the ISP but that merely tells me that whoever is visiting is using AT&T but so am I and so are a lot of other people so no luck there. I'm not sure what else to try other than to write this post and ask - nay, plead - to whoever this mystery visitor is to consider letting me out of my misery and either leaving a comment or dropping me an email. There's a mailbox over on my sidebar for just that very purpose. There's also a guestbook where you can leave a comment if you'd prefer to go that route and it can either be public or private. Or I'm in the book with the same number for years - pick up the phone if you're really feeling brave.

I don't mind that you're reading, whoever you may be, but I would really like to know who you are. If you're someone from my past then great - maybe we can renew an old friendship or, if you're a new person to my life, then please introduce yourself and we can share a cup of cyber-coffee or something.

What do you say? Please? Pretty please?


  1. It's not me! I almost always leave a comment when I visit and these days I am not usually up later than 1. Hope your mystery reader reveals themself.

  2. Anonymous10:14 PM EST

    Of course it's not me, but I thought I'd better comment as not to be a Lurker. ;)

    I've been known to be up early in the AM sometimes when I can't sleep. But, I'm not in Stockton.

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM EST

    not me!
    I don't comment often, but thats cause I rarely click out of my feed reeder...unless its not showing the videos.

  4. Anonymous11:43 PM EST

    I can't help you out. I hope you learn who the mystery person is though.

    I just had to comment on the Nancy Drew books though. I remember reading those. One of the funniest things I recall is when the author used the words "luncheon meats". I had no clue what that was. So I asked my Mom who told me quite bluntly that all that meant was cold cuts. My whole vision of Nancy Drew went poof.

    I still read her books but it was never the same...

  5. Well, maybe between your post and mine about our respective stalkers, one of us will have our questions answered, huh? Would be cool if that would happen, for sure.

  6. well, no you can't say stalkers keep out....but you could steal my little pic that says "would it kill ya to leave a comment?" which I happen to LOVE! as I hate stalkers/lurkers too.

    alas, hope springs eternal in the heart of a lady........

    well, here's hoping your stalker is the person you're hoping it to be.......

  7. Zoinks! I wish I could help but I do not even know how to look up my own stats!:o)))
    Hopefully you will know soon and blog about it....

  8. I can't help with your stalker except that you might keep an eye on things such as bank, house etc. in case it is a robot. Picking up the right kind of information by criminals has actually led to people having their homes sold out from under them.

    Now about mysterys - What may be one of the best lists ever (I know you really need another 100 books or so to read). The British paper the Telegraph has come out with the 50 British Mystery Writers you must read before you die. That should keep you busy enough to not worry about your mystery guest.

  9. I wouldn't know how to interpret my stats!

    Hope the mystery person owns up. :)

  10. Perhaps you should ask Nancy Drew to solve it for you?

  11. Anonymous2:53 PM EST

    You know it's not me, but be careful with Freddie boy. Remember his significant other used to kick the bejeezus out of vampires.

  12. Anonymous7:14 PM EST

    I wish I knew how to track all those folks who come to my site... all 13!

    I'll bet it's an old boyfriend or someone from high school.

  13. Linda...

    It's me.

    Sorry. ;)

    Just kidding stalker! I live in Boston and she knows who I am!

    Expose yourself! (That could be fun if it's a hottie of the male variety)

  14. I used to read all the Hardy Boys books I could get my hands on. But I did have a younger sister and as I was graduating out of HB, she was discovering Nancy Drew.

    Don't tell anybody, but I loved to read so much that I read some of those ND books and enjoyed them.

  15. Leave it to Jean-Luc to come up with the perfect suggestion.

    I also loved the Nancy Drew books. Did you really remember the titles? I would have had to look them up. I do remember her friend, Georgia.

    I hope the mystery person comes forward.

  16. Anonymous3:22 AM EST

    Just a mother of two has had precisily the same thing. Maybe it's the same person.

    This phantom of the blogosphere is starting to freak me out.

  17. hey--our posts are so similar like you said!! In my case the 'mystery' was solved.I have to tell you one more thing though.Let me look for your email and mail you.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  18. oHH....this is better than a Nancy Drew mystery. It's so neat to see people trying to help you solve this mystery. I love blogging!

    Would it help if the Queen made a royal proclamation to all Lurkers?
    "Come Thou Forth and Reveal Thyself" ...or something like that.

    Waving royal thingy...


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