Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life's Problems Solved With Spam!

While checking my email this morning I decided to take a look through the Spam folder rather than just hitting the delete button as sometimes emails that aren't spam end up there and I end up missing either a comment left on a blog post or something else important.

Bulk mail folder

From the looks of the content in the Spam folder, I could solve just about every single problem in my life by simply responding to the emails that are there. For example I could lose weight with -

EasyWeightLossTea - As Witnessed On CNN, NBC & Fox News
Aces Biz - Flush up to 20 lbs & Enjoy Flatter Tummy!

Or I could improve my education with a company that doesn't know how to spell "learning" -

Learing On-Line - Education Resources available to you On-Line

If I had credit cards and wanted to repair my credit there's help from -

Credit Repair - Reduce Your Credit Card Payments
Bobbi Triplett - credit card consolidation
Debt Consultant Specialist - Legally Erase Your Credit Card Debt!

Sitting home alone on the weekends would be a thing of the past! -

Dinner-dates - Stop Dating the Wrong People Meet That Special Person
Real Men and Women - Find Real People Looking for Love
Find Love - That Special Someone is Waiting for you

Rather stay home and do some online gambling? -

Ola Ferreira - Relax and have fun with roulette

Maybe I was thinking of buying a house? -

HUD Foreclosures - HUD Foreclosures in Your Area

Maybe doing a little online shopping for things I don't really need? -

Nickolas Randolph - diamond Replicas
Annabelle Queen - the most beautiful timepieces

Perhaps I need to buy some Life Insurance? -

Life Insurance - Life Insurance Policies from the Top Insurers
Your-Policy - Get fast quotes on low priced quality life ins.

Or maybe I just need to get my hands on some prescription drugs? -

Gregorio Mathews - Best Pharmmacy Online!
Stacey Pagan - Convenient, discreet online pharmacy

It seems that no matter what I might need or want, I can find it in the Spam folder of my email! I'm sure that lots of market research went into all of these emails before being sent to me to insure that I don't get email for things I don't need. Or did it?? - - Find the right dosage of blue pill, that works for you
squill - Gain up to 8+
christ keith - Viiagra 50mg x 30 piils = $ 60.95

And to think, we used to complain about all the junk mail we got in our regular mailboxes!


  1. So, the answer to all our problems is right here in the spam folder. I'll have to open my account to those African princes who are going to give me $27 million dollars.

  2. I pretty much get the same ones you do. I just never thought about it solving all my problems before. Very enteresting read Linda. Have a great day. :)

  3. Anonymous4:15 PM EST

    Great post, Linda. Now all we have to do is figure out which ones are legit. I think the African Prince ones can be pretty much ruled out from the start. :0)

  4. Clever take on a daily nuisance, Linda.

  5. "Learing On-Line"

    Maybe they misspelled "leering". On line leering could prove interesting.

  6. hahaha!

    well, if I ever begin to worry about the size of my penis I'll know where to go!!


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