Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Quick Post Before Bed

It's late and I need to get to bed but it seemed really strange to not post anything in my blog today so before I retired for what I hope are going to be sweet dreams, I thought I'd put up a little drawing of Amanda's that I found lying around on the couch today just in case any of my readers pop in overnight and wonder "hey, where's the new stuff??"

It was a busy day between work, corporate relocation, a quick trip to the grocery store, and a night of Rock Band over at Jason & Amy's where Amy got to take over the microphone for most of the evening and spare everyone else from having to listen to my even-worse-than-last-week warbling! I sounded like a frog with a sore throat, if you can conjure that one up!

I am definitely ready to hit the hay, as they say, though I'm not too sure how the sweet the dreams will be as we were watching "Salem's Lot", a movie based on Stephen King's book, at work today in between 911 calls and the like and I may find myself dreaming of vampires and haunted towns in Maine. Or perhaps Ill luck out and dream about Rob Lowe who happened to star in this particular version. Now there's a guy I could sink my teeth into!

Kidding, kidding - and kidding about that whole corporate relocation thing, too, I just needed to work the link in somewhere! Hope everyone has a lovely night's sleep with whatever dreams you like best!


  1. Sleep tight, kiddo! Better days ahead.

  2. Hope you had a 'restful' sleep Linda. x

  3. A good sleep works wonders.

  4. Hope you slept well... Happy Sunday morning.

  5. Anonymous9:37 AM EST

    The sketch is good.. hope you had a good night's sleep :)

  6. Anonymous10:01 AM EST

    Hope it was a good restful night.. Hugs for a way better day!

  7. Anonymous12:04 PM EST

    I think I'd prefer Amanda's visual image rather than Salem's Lot, thank you very much!

  8. Speaking of dreams and Ed's disappearance, both you and Ed have been tagged to do a super easy fun Meme by a Dolphin!

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  9. I think it's very cool that you get a chance to distract yourselves during your shift with movies and other tv programs.

    I'm the opposite with closets...I need the door open. That's another reason I really love my condo, because the closet is a walk through style to the bathroom and doesn't have any doors.

  10. Not one lousy dream, not one. I had a bad night and I didn't even get to watch Salem's lot. Wow, to bed at midnight, up at 2, back to bed, up at 3, back to bed when the sun came up at 7... hmmm got up at 10. That's a crappy night ain't it. Later girl

  11. Anonymous8:32 PM EST

    Have a good rest, and I can't say it enough but your daughter is SO talented!!


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