Friday, March 7, 2008

Backing Up the Weather Forecast

The above is the forecast for the next three days here in Connecticut which probably explains why my back has been giving me some major grief since yesterday morning. Apparently we are in for one major drenching this weekend with rainfall totals varying from 2 to 4+ inches beginning this evening and continuing through to Saturday evening. The potential for flooding is pretty high as the ground is already saturated and there's no place for all that rain to go except into my cellar along with everyone else's, too. No doubt the local fire departments are going to be busy pumping out basements this weekend and I bet their backs ache almost as bad as mine does by the time they're done.

Whenever the satellite map looks like the above, there's a pretty good chance that my back is going to be doing what it has been doing since yesterday morning - hurting like nobody's business (as my old Gram B used to say) and making it downright difficult for me to get around without first taking a handful of pills which then makes it downright difficult for me to get around because I'm now drugged up and sleeping!

Needless to say, this has been pretty much a wasted day off for me as I managed to do absolutely nothing except limp downstairs and park myself on the couch with a heating pad behind me and my laptop in front of me! I'm hoping that things will have improved sufficiently by tomorrow morning so that I can get into work as I really can't afford to take an unpaid day off to lie about and do nothing again.

Even though this isn't the first time I've had weather-related back pain, I've yet to get this whole 'storm-induced' back pain thing down to a science. Does it just hurt like forty hells while the storm is approaching the region or does it continue to do so while the storm is raging and only dissipates once the storm moves out? This whole 'barometric body' stuff is truly a pain - in more ways than one!

Obviously I'm not the only one who suffers from severe changes in the weather though science is, of course, still hotly debating the topic. I found an Arthritis Poll on where the question was asked: Does the weather affect your arthritis (changes in barometric pressure, rain, snowstorms)? Currently 3,021 people have taken the poll and of those, 2,203 people (73%) answered: Yes - weather changes severely affect my pain level. Only 84 people (2%) stated that the weather affected no changes while the 734 people (24%) remaining varied between moderate and minimal affects with changing weather. Naturally I'm in the 73 percent!

Apparently the increased pain has more to do with changes in the barometric pressure than anything else and while some people notice changes with a high pressure system, a good number of us notice the changes when a low pressure system moves into the region. Our current low pressure system started to move into the area early yesterday morning and, even without watching the weather on TV, I was able to tell that there was a change in the weather coming despite the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day. At this point I just wish this storm would get in here, do its thing, and move on out!

How about you? Does the weather affect how you feel at all? Do you knowingly nod your head when someone says that they can tell the weather is changing by the way they feel or do you still not believe it? Aching backs wanna know!


  1. I'm sorry for the horrible weather, but I'm more sorry for the bad back. I have bouts of that every now and then. Usually when I overdo at the boat. Like trying to pull the boat into the dock. I know better, but I do it anyway. I hope you get better soon. :)

  2. yes and sarge too!

    smiles, bee

  3. Sometimes I feel the pressure dropping in my head...

  4. Severe weather does increase my pain my knees, my back, and my shoulder.

    The other thing that bothers me significantly is 20 degree swings in the temperature. My knees and fingers tend to swell up...kind of like a door jam that swells and then relaxes.

  5. ug, blogger lost my comment....take 2

    I used to be able to accurately predict the barometric pressure based on my migraine.

    If it was less than 31 and falling I'd be in bed.

    affects kids too, learned that in the Pedi office. They go wild and cranky.

    It's always when it's falling fast or staying low that we feel it....divers experience the same thing if they surface too fast.....

  6. Anonymous1:13 AM EST

    Oh yes! I can be a weather forecaster. Forget all those million dollar gadgets they use. Just hire me!

  7. Sorry to hear about your back, Linda. Not good. Hopefully you can get some rest and feel better soon. Yes, the weather can make definitely cause aches and pains.

  8. Before I had my knee replacement I could always tell if the weather was going to be wet or cold because of the pain I'd get in my knee. Of course now I don't have my internal barometer!

  9. Back pain is not good. I feel the changes in my knee.

  10. I've had 7 back surgeries, so I sympathize!! Thanks for the CT weather update. I am the one who SO appreciate it. I went to a piano bar last night with my dad, Bierne and the pianist played your Sara Bareilless song. He didn't know the words tho, it was still great!

  11. Feelin' the back ache today, after climbing up and down a ladder half a zillion times yesterday...

    But NO SNOW for mo this weekend!
    We had SUNSHINE! Made me HAPPY!
    CAN you tell?!?!?!?!

  12. Anonymous10:55 PM EST

    Linda, sorry to hear about your achin' back. I love my heatng pad, and my ice pack...depending on my ache. Yes, my body can predict when a storm is coming. My knee or my headaches will tell me.

  13. Anonymous10:26 AM EDT

    It seems that the weather in the coming days is going to be very horrible. I am getting scared. I have planned to go out of the country till everything returns back to normal condition.

  14. Oh yes... my knees suffer the most when the weather is yucky. I can usually tell a change in weather too.


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