Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can I Get a Big D-U-H Over Here??

If I had harbored any doubts that I was starting to lose my memory at all, I was able to put all doubt aside this morning when I did, or actually didn't do something, that I haven't done in - well, since I can't remember when! Apparently, I had agreed to swap shifts with one of the other dispatchers today back in mid-February and agreed to work Wayne's day shift while he was to cover my evening shift but I completely and totally forgot all about it.

Amanda was spending the weekend over at Jason & Amy's with Cate so I had the whole house to myself last night so I was rather enjoying it. After doing a little bit of cleaning, I had stayed up late first playing a little bit of Rock Band on the Xbox 360 and then working on my Manic Monday post for tomorrow. I have to write it on the weekend as I'm normally at work on Sunday evenings and then from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Mondays so if I don't do it early, it doesn't get done. I'd missed last week's and wanted to make sure I got a post done for this week.

I had the post almost complete around 2:00 a.m. and figured I would add pictures and tweak it before going into work this morning so I finally went up to bed a lot later than I normally would. Even though I was tired I couldn't fall asleep right away so it was pretty darned late/early before I finally got to sleep. At 7:21 a.m. when the phone rang I was most definitely a bit disoriented and wasn't even sure who I was talking to ...
"Hi Linda, it's Dave from work calling. Did you forget you switched shifts with Wayne today and were supposed to be at work?"

"Mmmpphhh ... I did? I don't remember doing that, are you sure?"

"Yeah, Wayne's at the EMS Conference and when we called his house and woke his wife up she said that he had switched shifts with you."

"Oh bother ... okay, give me 20 minutes and I'll be in but I really don't remember switching shifts at all."
A few minutes later, while I was brushing my teeth, it dawned on me that I was talking to Dane and not Dave which would explain why I couldn't figure out why on earth Dave, who doesn't work dispatch and never works Sundays, would be calling me! I gotta tell ya, I was completely and totally out of it this morning!

I got to work almost exactly 20 minutes later, still totally unable to remember doing the shift swap, but when I logged onto the computer and opened my Outlook a reminder popped up telling me that I was covering for Wayne with a shift swap. Duh! Yeah, thanks for nothing! That needed to pop up yesterday so I would have remembered and gone to bed at a reasonable hour!

Sigh ... growing old truly sucks sometimes! I wonder what else I forgot??


  1. Yikes! Thanks for letting me know where my life is going to go... So far I am pretty good in remembering...

  2. i hate it when that happens!

    smiles, bee

  3. ' m with Bee... I hate when stuff like this happens.

    Like looking for your car keys when they are in your hand, etc.


  4. Anonymous10:07 PM EDT

    Stuff like that happens to me all the time. Nothing to do with age, just brain fog. I laugh it off and keep on going. If I didn't I'd be stuck on OMGosh for the rest of my life.

  5. well, you remembered to brush your teeth so it isn't THAT bad!!


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