Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chinese Astrology Forecast for 5th March 2008 to 3rd April 2008

Wondering what your Chinese horoscope has in store for you during the next month? Let's see what the good folks at Dragon-Gate.com had to say:

The Rat

This March brings love problems a-plenty! Third parties, gossips, hangers-on, fights and quibbles - these are all potentials this month for the hapless Rat. Not to worry, though - all one needs to do is to stay low and keep communications open, pleasant and to the point. You will do great this way. Married Rats, be careful of how you conduct yourself with the opposite sex this month since chances are your suddenly-suspicious spouse may get the wrong idea! In other words, this might not be the best time to make Las Vegas hotel reservations! Those born 1960 may have trouble sleeping.

The Ox

This March sees some relationship issues for the Ox, both personal and professional. There is even a potential danger of permanent severance in partnerships and friendships! Therefore be careful of what you say and you may just save yourself from a load of unwanted grief. Change is brewing at home, and you may even move house or carry out renovations at home.

The Tiger

Tigers born in 1950 should take extra care of their health. Those born in 1974 need to be ready to spend more because of problems brought on by family members or friends. Tigers born in 1998 should beware of injury.

The Rabbit

Rabbit, you may feel a little sickish this month. Repeated trips to the doctor's clinic is also a possibility since you may feel frail and under the weather throughout the month of March. There is also a little pressure at the work front, therefore if you have been having trouble nodding off to sleep at night, this may manifest to full-blown insomnia due to you worrying! Please be rest assured that though your career prospects are not so good, your Wealth luck certainly is. Rabbit people born in 1951 will be quarrelsome, whereas those born in 1975 will face relationship problems and these will eclipse the rest of your problems for now.

The Dragon

This month sees the Dragon experiencing potential stomach-related ailments, therefore eat plenty of healthy foods such as greens and fruits, and do avoid eating out just to be on the safe side. You may also find your mood being a little on the foul side, so do keep this in mind and keep those explosive tempers in check. Dragon people born in 1940 may have trouble sleeping, whereas those born in 2000 have bad Health Luck, and should avoid raw, cold or fried noodles.

The Snake

This month sees the Snake encountering some work-related obstacles. The good news is that you will almost always be able to solve these issues with a pinch of ingenuity and yes, expediency (it is all right to be a little ruthless this month, Snake!). Snake people born in 1941 tend to argue with others, and face health problems. Whereas those born in 1965 should avoid any kind of speculation or investment, because the outcome will not be favorable.

The Horse

The Horse will feel a little out of sorts this month, especially those who are in relationships. You may even feel deep suspicion and get all kinds of ideas about your mate being unfaithful! Horse people born in 1978 should be careful of third party problems, whereas those born in 1966 should watch out for politicking at work.

The Goat

The Goat is charged with excellent Career luck this month - you will find yourself working well, and enjoying wonderful rapport with your colleagues. You will be perceived as a good leader with the ability to influence others to side with you. Goat people born in 1967, try to avoid travel. If you are born 1931 get a doctor to check on your health issues if you have been suffering from any conditions.

The Monkey

Monkey, you may be in for some rockier moments come March. You will see obstacles and some stress as well, but you may also look for senior members of your family or colleagues to help you out. Safeguarding your belongings is a great idea since you may possibly lose valuable items.
Monkey people born in 1968 are likely to face many disputes and arguments at work.

The Rooster

Rooster, try to rise above the petty bickerings and arguments, and simply persevere. You should also focus on your goals and try not to step on anyone's toes - you will do great this way for the month of March. Rooster people born in 1969 should focus on the career because Relationship Luck is rather unfavorable.

The Dog

Dog, you may be feeling a little anxious come career matters this month. In fact, you feel downright worried about how things are unraveling about you. Don't get too wigged out, since all the Dog needs to do is take advantage of opportunities that come your way, and leverage on others to achieve better resolutions to problems! You should also do some liberal name-dropping to get your way this month. Dog people born in 1970 will go through lots of hassles and misunderstandings - keep the situation under control by saying less and keeping your feelings to yourself.

The Pig

Pig, you will see excellent Love luck coming your way this March! Communications with friends, family and colleagues are also fantastic for you. Therefore make full use of this advantageous position and you will find your efforts this month come useful for you in the future. Pig people born in 1983 should watch out for minor health issues.


  1. Oh wonderful, I'm a horse that was born in 1978. Like I don't have enough to worry about???

  2. Things don't look good for dragons in March.

  3. Anonymous2:05 AM EST

    Travis - Have things ever looked good for dragons?

    As for the pigs, I'm afraid raising costs mean I may not even exist soon.

  4. I just have to avoid travel until April 3rd, right? I mean, this doesn't apply to September???

    (I'm a goat born in 1967... no horny old goat jokes from the peanut gallery, please!)

  5. I don't like the sound of the forecast for the OX! :(


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