Friday, March 14, 2008

I ♥ My iMom!

One of the nice gifts I got for Christmas this past year was an iPod Shuffle MP3 player from my son Michael. It took me the better part of forever to finally get around to downloading any music on it and I didn't really get inspired until Amanda decided that she was going to use it if I wasn't. Ut-oh! If you have a teenager in the house, never let your cool gifts sit unused for too long as they'll lay claim to them faster than you can say "Hey! That's mine!"

Turns out that this tiny little piece of technology packs quite the big sound and I have had it with me almost constantly. The weather was actually even nice enough here in Connecticut today that I could go out and sit on the porch on my outdoor furniture and enjoy some music. Very nice indeed! Warm weather and good music - I love it!

Because I have a rather extensive collection of CDs it was hard to decide which songs I wanted to put on iMom, as it's been named, but one of the easiest choices was one of my very favorite songs by Sting.

If anyone reads this post and finds the double message in it, you get bonus points!


  1. I always knew this song.. but I am off to look at the lyrics.. I can't understand what he says all the time..Something about a Fortress... This is Awesome Linda We are getting old together and grew up with the same awesome music.. I am so glad your gonna be 39 finally ;) Me to 39 forever.. Love ya kid

  2. I love my Ipod! I have nearly 6100 songs on it now, and I've still got a lot more music to load up.

  3. i have a radio with a dial on it and i can hear am OR fm!!! i'm hot! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. Anonymous12:19 AM EDT

    I was going to say something very clever, but now I'm cracking up at Miss Bee!! (hehe)

    That double message thing went right over my head..... whoosh!

  5. Working on the double message thingy...

    something about getting stung?

    just kidding

  6. Anonymous2:35 AM EDT

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