Friday, March 28, 2008

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

Now I know you're all just sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about my meeting with Queen Mimi last evening but due to some personal obligations and other technical issues (such as waiting for royal approval from Her Majesty on which pictures I can or cannot use for my post!), it's going to take some time before I actually have that post ready to go.

In the meantime, I was inspired by a post I saw the other day over at Dottie's Place for this post and thought I would borrow from that post and ask those questions myself. She was writing about her job and asked some good questions -

Do you like your job?
If you could be anything, what would it be?
I thought that those were some great questions and they got me to wondering about how many people really do like what they get up and go out the door to do in order to make a living every day? How many would rather be doing something else and what would that something else be?

I actually do like my job - most of the time! - but there are times when I want nothing more than to run screaming from the room while tearing out my hair in great bunches. Well, maybe it's not that bad but there are days when I sure the heck don't want to get out of bed in the morning and go beat my head against a spreadsheet all day! Even though I am a 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher, the biggest part of my job is trying to dispatch ambulances or wheelchair vans to routine transports and still have enough people left in the city to cover a call when 911 does ring. It's tricky at times - especially when the number of calls outweigh the number of crews that I have working and every hospital, nursing home, and doctor's office wants transportation and they want it now! I have to say that being a police/fire dispatcher was a heck of a lot easier because you didn't schedule calls - you took them as they came in and prioritized them and dispatched them that way. Depending on call volume sometimes people had to wait before we could get an officer out to their house for a non-emergency call but you did the best you could.

Emergencies, for all that they get your blood racing and can be stressful, are the easy part of my job. Do I like walking someone through CPR or the Heimlich maneuver on the phone? Probably not but it's easier than trying to shoe-horn yet another discharge from a hospital into an overly loaded ambulance whose crew hasn't had time for a cup of coffee - never mind lunch!

Now, as to what I would really like to do ... ah, if I could do it over again there are several other choices I might have made. I would love to have been a lawyer - particularly a criminal lawyer - and been able to argue my case in front of the court, maybe then I could afford to look at Hilton Head rentals! If not that then I probably missed my calling by not becoming a history teacher. I have always loved history and think I would have done well in a career of that sort. One other thing I really wouldn't mind doing is taking on a job as a tour guide at a national park - particularly a Civil War one. I could definitely see myself giving tours at Gettysburg or Antietam and being quite happy doing that. Of course, I'd probably be yelling at people to get their kids off the cannons and monuments but beyond that, I think I'd really enjoy it.

Now - how about you? Do you like what you do? Do you want to do something else? What's your dream job?


  1. My ideal job would be to compose music for movie soundtracks.

  2. My ideal job would be to be a real Queen. I'm in training now.....

  3. O.k. I'll be patiently waiting on your queen report.
    I do not like where I am right now, but I am activelly looking for a new employer.
    If I could choose my dream job - I would want to be a back up singer for Elvis (I know he's dead, but it's a dream job, right?). Ha - there you have it!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Anonymous5:39 PM EDT

    I love my job. I'm a mom full time and a physical therapist on the weekends.
    I guess my alternative occupation would critic!

  5. Anonymous5:47 PM EDT

    I love my new job - blogging! I didn't like not working anymore because of being sick. So now I found something I can do on my own terms :)

  6. I enjoy my job..someday I'll tell you about the pay, or lack thereof

    Can you spell "Low" ?

  7. I always wanted to own a bookstore in a quaint town called "A Niche In Time" that concentrated on history both fact and fiction.

    Unfortunately, bookstores are not very profitable and I'm not independently wealthy.

  8. My ideal job was as a morning DJ. I am very happy that I got a chance to live it. I am very content keeping Massachusetts safe from sobriety...

  9. I enjoy what I do and I like the people I work with. It's a casual environment and I get to set my own hours, within reason. So I'm very satisfied with my job.

    If I could be anything, I'd be in the Marine Corps. At my age now, I'd have 25 years in and maybe I'd have done well enough to be a Gunnery Sargeant.

  10. This is cool...seeing my site highlighted here because I inspired a post. Sweet. You know how I feel about my job. If I could do anything and not really worry about the income'd probably be taking photos or working with animals in some capacity. Maybe I could take photos of animals. :) Have a great weekend!

  11. Someday when I grow up I want to be a paramedic... has been a dream of mine for years.

    Alas, I am beginning to believe I am destined to be a basic forever.

    Someday I hope to help my lady realize her dream of opening her own cafe called Thatches...

    Oy vey. did I ever tell you that I feel like a moron commenting on your stellar blog when I'm one of the only ones here I'm sure that really has no idea how this whole blogging world works? I don't even have one!!!

  12. well, gee, do I like the job I've had for the last 2 months? Sure, kinda nice. Lot of lifting >250lb ladies though. Did I like the job I had BC (before children)? Sure, kinda nice keep kids well, lot of BS from the MD though. do I like the job I've had for the last 4 years? sure, really nice, kinda lonely though ..... (are you catching on here?)

    I can be happy doing just about anything, so long as the bills get paid. I keep telling people, my work is not my real life, it's what I do to pay the bills, what happens in the hours I'm not at work is real life.

    I think the best job I've had was being a stay at home mom, but truly, I was ready to work outside again.

    Right this minute my dream job would be Critical Pedi or Special Care Nursery, or NICU....but notice that this is BEFORE I've actually worked there. Once I get the job at some point I will be disillusioned and it will no longer be the dream job, it will just be my job, and my real life will again be what I do in the hours I don't work.

    Besides, there's a NATIONAL NURSING SHORTAGE. I have no reason to stay in a job I don't like.

  13. i love being retired, that is the best of all! but is loved working with numbers all my career and did good at it i think. if i were to start over and change? nothing different i think. i am a happy girl!

    smiles, bee

  14. I would love to be a caterer or a personal chef. It doesn't count that I kind of am, b/c I can't do it full time. So, I dream of cooking for rich people. :)

  15. I intensely dislike the job I do. I would rather have a more self-satisfying one.

  16. I do enjoy my job but I'm going to enjoy retirement so much more! :)

  17. Anonymous4:36 PM EDT


    I love my job. I am a project manager in information technology and enjoy every aspect of that job. However, I hate my company right now. I'm pretty sure the inmates are running the assylum.

    In a recent open letter to all the employees of our company (approximately 125,000 of us), our CEO outlined plans for the rest of the year. Then he made a statement somewhat to the effect that in order to remain viable there was going to have to be some belt tightening in all areas. And, to quote, "unfortunately, that is going to mean the elimination of some positions."

    He said something about understanding our pain, and really having had a hard time "making difficult decisions" for the benefit of the company. The next day, there was a news release that announced this butt head had been paid $13 million dollars for 2007 in stock and salary.

    I'm sorry, but all this a-hole understands is the best way to screw his employees so that he and the stockholders with the most stock make the most money.

    OK, I'm done ranting. If I could do my dream job it would be producing artistic photographs and selling my creations in my own studio. :0)

  18. This is an easy one, and I'm sure you can already guess my answer. I'd be a photographer :-) Oh, I'd like to involve writing too. Hmmm, I wonder if I could combine the two... of course I can - this is a 'dream' right?

    Oh yeah, there's the running a dog rescue thing too :-)


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