Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Wishes to Share

In between the occasional paid post (sorry, bills need to be paid!), I've been scouring the Blogosphere for wishes and I've found more that I wanted to share with you here. There are some truly wonderful wishes being made by some truly wonderful people and my wish is that their wishes come true!

Bud @ WTIT Tape Radio: The Blog
Jiminy Cricket would more than approve of this one - what a fantastic wish!

Laura @ That Girl
Laura, I think you made this wish for a lot of people!

Bundle-o-Contradictions @ Random Autumness
A true wish from a mother's heart ...

Sandy @ Writing in Faith: Thoughts
What a wonderful wish for everyone!

Lois @ Lowdown from Lois
Three things that we could all use but sometimes lack.
Mimi @ Mimi Writes . . .
From the originator of the Peace Globe movement an excellent wish for the whole world ...
... and an excellent wish for herself, too!


  1. Fabulous, just fabulous. This is a fantastic idea Linda. x

  2. An excellent idea, Linda. Good responses.

  3. these are really fun to read....smile.

  4. I liked this idea so much that I did it too, I was tagged by the Teach !

  5. Jersey the Furry Diva just introduced this meme into the Cat Blogosphere - stand back!!!!


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