Friday, March 21, 2008

An Update and More Wishes

Before posting some more wishes that I found today, I wanted to update you on my recent trip to the eye doctor's that I posted about the other day wherein I was quite irritated about the whole co-pay situation. I popped into the Human Resources Department at work yesterday afternoon before I took over in dispatch and ran the scenario past them. Both Janet and Stacy didn't think it sounded right either and said that they should have told me up front what my cost was going to be to begin with just in case it was going to be different from what I thought it should be.

Stacy called and spoke directly to a representative of my crappy health insurance provider and was told that my co-pay for the exam was, in fact, supposed to be $30 and not the other way around where the insurance only covered $30 so it turns out that I was right and the people at the Vision Center were wrong. Woohoo! Janet told me to bring in my receipt on Monday and they would fax it off and make sure that I was refunded the $24 that I was overcharged.

So, all's well that ends well (hopefully) with that little adventure. Thank you, Rob, for your help in this and HR was once again impressed with your knowledge of our benefits! Maybe you should be working there instead of out schlepping patients around in an ambulance?!

Meanwhile, more wishes have appeared from two kitties and two ducks!

Maggie and Zoey @ Zoolatry
Three wishes from two kitties who look right at home on the porch!

Pato & Pearl @ The Traveling Ducks
What a ducky wish!


  1. I love looking at everyone's wishes. Some folks are so artistic and good at graphics!

    It's a truly great idea, Linda. Everyone has wishes and you got us to write them down.

  2. Our wish is that you would stop by for a visit. We miss you and are lonely over here. Sorry about the copay. Bummer. Want Max to put a hit on them for you?

  3. Mine is up Linda. Thanks for being patient with me.

    The Make a Wish Meme

    Have a great weekend and Easter. :)

  4. YAY! Sometimes it pays to ask questions!

  5. :)

    But then I couldn't do an hour long call 35 minutes...

    I think that Janet simply isn't used to having employees who don't take "no" for an answer...

  6. Hi! I am Cecil and I has made a wish. Thank you for making this meme, it is very fun.

    Peas see my wish! Fanks!

  7. These are beautiful, Linda. I'm glad it has been such a success for you.

  8. Anonymous11:42 PM EDT

    What creative blogging buddies you have! And what lovely wishes too.

    I'm glad you stuck up for yourself about the co-pay issue. Think of how many people didn't and how much more money that optometrist is making. If you have time, maybe you can call the health insurer and let them know about it = fraud...

  9. So pleased to hear you are getting your money back Linda.

    Love the latest wishes. :)

  10. Hey Linda -
    I posted mine at (will post one on my other blog soon).
    Also, Tammy posted hers at

    Hi Linda! I posted my wish!

  12. Hi Linda,
    Posted our wish today at Missy & KC's bloggie. Thanks for the beautiful meme.


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