Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

wind chimes in the sunFirst off, it was a beautiful spring day here in Connecticut - yay! - but unfortunately it was just a tease as it's going to get cold and rainy yet again over the next couple of days - boo! - complete with the possibility of snow showers Monday night into Tuesday. It's enough to drive a person crazy but for now, I'll take whatever warm days we can get and run with 'em - or leisurely stroll more likely!

Amanda took the above picture of one of the wind chimes on our front porch earlier today while out enjoying the nice weather after she had discovered that there was a macro zoom on our digital camera (I find it hard to believe she just discovered this!) and asked me to post it so there 'tis! I thought it came out rather nice in an abstract sort of way.

Now - enough senseless babbling - on to the question! Every other Thursday is payday here at the House of Mouseski and occasionally it's nice to go out to eat rather than try to figure something out here at home so tonight that's what we did. Just down the road (I live on the side of two rather high hills so everything is down the road!) is a great little pizza place called Sunset Pizza that is run by Peter, a very friendly man, and his family. I love going there because he calls me "young lady" and because the food is phenomenal at a very reasonable price. Amanda asked if we could go there tonight for pizza which sounded like a plan to me so we did. Her choice was a bacon-mozzarella pizza which was - as always - very tasty.

After coming home and doing some blog-reading, while digesting said pizza, the thought popped into my head that there was most definitely a question there to be asked and hence this post and this question -

What is your favorite kind of pizza?
Even though Amanda got to order her favorite tonight, mine would be a pizza with sausage, pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms - something that Amanda wouldn't even sit down at the same table with! Of course that means it would be mine, mine, all mine - maaawaaahaaahaaahaaahaaa!

Now how about you? What's yours?


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM EDT

    Great day in Boston too... ate outside at a restaurant on Newbury St and walked around enjoying the Spring time. Anyway.. favorite pizza has to be Mergherita style!

  2. mergherita! but really i like the ones they make in rome, they are almost as thin as cardboard and they melt in your mouth and just sort of disappear in your mouth. you get to eat a whole one too! i have never had anything like it in the states anywhere... i wish i had!

    smiles, bee

  3. Chicken and veggies. I know that's weird....

  4. Mushroom! Ralph and I don't have it much, because the children won't touch mushrooms.

  5. P.S. I love the photograph Amanda took.

  6. Anonymous9:45 AM EDT

    What a beautiful wind chime! I love it! Such pretty colors!

    ya know, I **heart** pizza. Hubby doesn't (used to work at brand PH as a teen). So for me it's a rare treat.

    It just depends on my mood. My absolute fave is Sir Pizza's Farmer's Almanac.

    My college fave was pepperoni, Italian sausage, and salami. It was a Myles' spice lover pizza (Bowling Green, OH). I can't do that any more - heartburn!.

    But I like a great thin crust Marghertia too!

  7. Pepperoni and mushroom hands down. I don't have pizza very often, but that's always my choice when I do. Have a great day Linda. :)

  8. Love the photograph Linda. I wouldn't ever order a pizza, not one of my favourite foods at all. If that's all there was then I'd just have cheese and tomato. I know you're thinking "Who doesn't like pizza?"

  9. Anonymous12:41 PM EDT

    I love winchimes, I have them all over my front and back porches.

    Pizza...either pepperoni with extra cheese, or
    pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, olive, onion, and JALEPENO!

  10. There is a place on Baseline in Mesa, Arizona that is run by an old Sicilian and his sons. They don't speak English that well, and they only have three eyebrows for the lot of them, but their home-made sicilian sausage pizza is to die for! It is located 278 miles from my house, but it is soooooo delicious I drive down there twice a week. Drooooooool!!!!

    Max and Yummy

  11. I like my pizza loaded. After reading your posting Linda, I realized that I have not had pizza in a while.

    Perhaps it is time to change that :)


  12. There are so many 'little' features on a camera that the makers want you to find for yourself.

  13. Pizza Margherita for me, real buffalo mozzarella, naturally. Although I'd say sausage, depending on the sausage the restaurant uses. I have not had a bad pie in CT, where the best pizza is made (IMHO, of course.. Even in our town (Massimino's or Pasquale's)

  14. As usual, I forgot to check my profile first! I haven't had a 'bad' pizza in CT, some better, some not.

  15. I don't like a whole bunch of stuff on mine... just pepperoni... maybe some sausage or ham. I do not like onions, peppers, or mushrooms (sorry). But my FAVE pizza is from a little one of a kind pizza shop in Ohio...... LOVE and MISS that pizza more than words can say - we used to have it EVERY Friday and I've literally gone through withdrawals from it! I'm serious!

    By the way - I LOVE Amanda's pic of the wind chimes!

  16. I like ham, pineapple and black olives.

  17. Anonymous7:30 PM EDT

    Buffalo chicken is awesome! A good cheese pizza can't be beat as well. :)

    Amanda did an amazing job on this photograph too, by the way.

  18. I like mushrooms, black olives, and bacon with extra cheese. Yum-OH!

  19. Hm.. usually I pick just mushroom 'cause that means I get to keep it all to myself! But I also appreciate mushroom, pepperoni, and bacon. From Hungry Howies, with a garlic crust.. yum!!


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