Sunday, April 13, 2008

Left to My Own Devices

Amanda is on Spring Break from Norwich Free Academy this week but rather than spend it hanging around the house and being bored while I put in my standard 40+ hours at work, she boarded a southbound Amtrak train yesterday afternoon and is spending the week hanging out with her friend Darcy (aka "Toast") in New Jersey.

This is her second trip on Amtrak down to Philadelphia as she went down the first time over President's Day Weekend (Darcy's Mom has sent her tickets both times so who I am to deny her the chance to actually go do something fun?) so she's now a seasoned veteran when it comes to train travel. Her train left yesterday afternoon at 1:17 and we had some time to kill while waiting for it to arrive so took some pictures that I've put together in a little slideshow. Hopefully you can read the text I inserted with each picture!

Way back when I was much younger (not that much older than Amanda is now) and was stationed at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey I used to take the train back and forth to Connecticut myself so in some small way (very small way!), it's sort of like reliving a bit of my past. The neat thing now as opposed to way back when, though, is that Amanda can keep in touch with me via cell phone the whole way down and I don't have to worry about wondering how she is en route to her "week of fun". Sometimes there is a lot to be said for modern technology!

Anyway, it appears that I have an entire week to myself for a change and even though it's going to be pretty quiet around the old hacienda, I think I'm going to enjoy it - well, when I'm not at work that is!

Speaking of work, this week is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week here in the good ole' US of A so if you get the chance - tell a dispatcher thank you! - it makes us feel so much better about the generally thankless job that we do! Celebrations at work this week will include some sort of edible treat every day, the chance to wear civilian clothes rather than my uniform, and tomorrow I'll be attending a Dispatch Conference in Cromwell with my Monday dispatch partner, Wayne. It's always great to get together with the other crazies in my chosen profession and compare horror stories notes! Plus it means I get a break from my usual 16-hour marathon shift - woohoo!

As a shout-out to one of my brothers and sisters with a headset, if you get the chance please pop over to The Life of a Father of Five and surprise him with a thank you - he's not only Dad to five but a 911 Police and Fire Dispatcher in Minnesota. I'm sure he'd be thrilled with a comment or two (I know I would be!).

Everyone have a great week - I'm going to go see what sort of trouble I can get into by myself!


  1. Love the slide show Linda. I think you're really going to miss Amanda!

  2. I loved the slideshow and yes, I think she's glaring at you (grin) but it could be my imagination.

    And please....PLEASE....get into some trouble this week. Pencil Skirt is not there to keep you out of it this time (like that would happen)so you are free to roam about.
    Just don't go back to the restaurant where we unplugged the plastic flowers. I have no bail money today.

  3. What Mimi said. Trouble, that's what you need. Enjoy. :)

  4. But aren't we all telecommunicators since we talk on the phone?

  5. We don't travel by train on the west coast. I've always wanted to try it, but not as a way to go from one place to another. I'd rather take a nice train vacation.

    And thank you to my favorite dispatcher!!

  6. Anonymous11:50 PM EDT

    Enjoy your week home alone! Do something fun and just for you.

    Happy 911 Dispatcher Week :) You all are my heroes.

  7. Linda, thanks for the kind words! And from one dispatcher to another - Happy Emergency Telecommunicator week to you too! This weekend was a GREAT kickoff with what I like to refer to as two shifts of Kooky Callers... (Not just your run-of-the-mill emergencies, but the Kooky ones! You'll understand what I mean!

    Thanks for the link too!

    Have a great day!

    David, the "Father of Five"!

  8. Dear Duchess Linda,

    I hope you have some fun celebrating National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week!

    I enjoyed the slide show. As for the bridge, as I recall the old one was much worse.

    You are going to miss Amanda, but the time will fly...

  9. Anonymous3:30 PM EDT

    A few weeks ago when I was at work, one of the kids I work with ran a very high fever and I had to call 911. I can't remember if I thanked the woman that answered my call, so I'll thank you.

  10. Anonymous8:26 PM EDT

    She might have been glaring at you, but at least she agreed to be in the same picture with you a couple of times. Rare thing for a teenager.

  11. I've always wanted to travel by train!

  12. Looks like you will have a whole week to yourself! I used to take a train in Europe all the time. It was fun! I have yet to try the Amtrak.
    THANK YOU, Ms. Dispatcher!!!!! Enjoy your week of treats - you deserve it!

  13. Anonymous1:22 PM EDT

    Happy NTW, Linda.

    My local 911 operator helped to save my life 6 years ago.
    I've thanked the EMT's, but I'm not sure how to thank her..without calling 911! ;-)


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