Sunday, May 18, 2008

Clouds, Color, and Completion!!

I've taken a major liking to clouds lately but apparently am not smart enough, despite almost two years of blogging, to carry my camera with me at all times should I see some interesting ones. Thankfully my cellphone has a fairly decent camera, though, and I was able to capture the above shot yesterday morning. After a full day of nasty rain on Friday (my day off - typical!) the clouds were starting to clear out a bit before noon.

I took this picture from the sunroof of my car while on my way home from work and waiting in line with traffic. The formation reminds me a bit of the pictures I took of Lake Tahoe from the plane on my way out to California. Speaking of California, I'm glad I'm not out there now as it's apparently been hotter than Hades this past week. I'm all for warmer temperatures but not 100+ degrees in mid-May!

Meanwhile here at home, the azaleas out front have finally started blooming and the front of my house is awash in pink. That should make Amanda happy as she has taken a major liking to pink lately just as I've taken a major liking to clouds. And yes, that's the same Amanda that would only do black not that long ago!

I went a little crazy with the flowers on my front porch this year (I'm guessing I'm trying to make up for last year's total lack of flowers) and they're starting to look pretty good if I do say so myself! If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by and we'll sit on the porch amongst the flowers and sip some iced tea!

There's nothing like a few flowers to brighten up the place and make one smile! Did I say "a few" flowers? Hmm, remind me to show you more pictures later! I think I bought out half of the local greenhouse!

Oh, and speaking of smiling, I finally and at long last got that darned backup done on the PC even though it took me until 1:30 this afternoon to do it! So far the computer is running okay so I've got my fingers crossed that I don't have to do a System Recovery but the true test will be when Amanda gets home later and puts it through a teenager's paces. Keep your fingers crossed for me as - honestly - I don't want to spend another two days playing Geek Squad!

Alright then - back to work for me on this Sunday afternoon. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Your flowers are cheery and lovely. You can't have too many flowers. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Oh! And now you have me thinking about all the problems on my computer. I may call you for advice...

  3. oh my gosh your flowers are lovely!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. wow, great photos, i love the azaleas, I have a dozen or so in Podunk and I expect they are in full bloom, we will be there of june 5, finally.

  5. Yowzers!!! Your flowers look GREAT! So pretty.

  6. Congratulations on the computer, the flowers, the pink azalias for Amanda, and cloud collection ... my you have been busy.

  7. Anonymous11:16 PM EDT

    Those flowers are so beautiful! I don't have the inclination this year to mess with any sort of "outdoor" things. I can barely keep my floors mopped and swept. *sigh*

  8. Anonymous11:41 PM EDT

    The colors of your flowers and your arrangement of them are stunning! What a little nature can do (with a lot of hard work from you added).

    I'll be emailing you for my computer problems from now on LOL :)

  9. Your flowers look beautiful but your computer problems sound awful. This must be the season for computer sister's computer has died a painful death and she is dealing with all the issues of deciding on what next to buy. Hopefully you won't have to face the same trauma.

  10. Those are beautiful flowers, Linda. You did a great job arrranging them. I've done nothing, flower-wise but hope to really soon.

    I just may stop by for that Iced Tea with the Duchess. Does your porch have a view of the Thames?

    I just took a picture of my "flowers" in the morning sun today. They are dandy.

  11. Oh very pretty flowers! I have some sitting around here now too.

  12. The flowers look nice!

  13. It is good that you took your airplane trip, because you have a knack of taking pictures of the sky.

    Great sky shots, but even prettier flowers. Ice tea, but unsweetened. You can ruin a fine glass of tea with sugar, at least IMO

  14. Okay, I'll be by tomorrow around 5:00 so get the iced tea ready!
    Beautiful porch to sit and sip...

  15. Anonymous12:56 PM EDT

    Your flowers are just gorgeous. I wish we lived closer and I would take you up on your offer of ice tea and some time amongst the flowers. P.S. I think the name of your blog is awesome!

  16. Anonymous3:31 PM EDT

    Gorgeous, Linda!
    I love your potted flowers. Mine always die in the Texas heat...forgetful people shouldn't plant flowers that need watering every day! ;-)

  17. Anonymous6:43 PM EDT

    I knew Spring would eventually make it to the Northeast! Your flowers look great. My mood improves almost on a daily basis since the warmer weather has taken over. And we're even getting some much needed rain in the Southeast. Life is good!


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