Thursday, June 12, 2008

Calling All Senses of Humor!

For a bit of a change, I thought it might be fun to run a "Caption That Photo" post and see what sort of sense of humor you, my readers, might have. Plus it gives me the chance to do a post and let you folks do the work!

So ... leave a comment with a caption for this picture and then come back tomorrow to find out exactly it was I was up to! Oh, and Miz Cyn ... don't spoil the fun by cheating and telling people what was really going on if you happen to stop by!


  1. ohhhh, just one?

    Ok, so how about "alright Gus, fill the tea and leave the pitcher. Stuff that tag in your mouth. Back away slowly and no one will be hurt"


    Folks, Ronco wants you to "go green" while still enjoying the convenience of our "E-Z Cover Hair-In--A-Can right away. We're not charging $49.99 for the Deluxe kit, which includes our stylish mask and two extra-large bottles of Amanda's Acetone. No, you won't even pay $39.99. Call in the next thirty seconds and have your credit card ready! We'll double the order and you'll pay only....

    So, was it Thelma or Louise who wore the pink mask, and what does that leave me? You know I look horrid in blue...

  2. Anonymous1:45 AM EDT

    Surprise! I really live in the Bronx and I'm a graffiti artist. On my way to the subway now...

  3. Anonymous8:47 AM EDT

    I only use super-nuclear deodorant-- it's uranium enriched!

    Cute photo, lol!

  4. "Mischief in the Making" hee hee

    And what were you doing. Let's see you were spraying a

  5. "Drop your pants, I want to inspect the goods"

  6. "Stop or I'll Oust your A$$"

    "Attack of the Krylon Paintin' Mama!"

    "Stick em up, this here's a hold up!"

  7. "next time....NO refried beans with that combo"

  8. No more beans for you!

  9. Anonymous1:37 PM EDT

    FBI Notice

    (Photo of Linda, the Aerosol Bandit)

    Have you seen this Aerosol Bandit?

    Last seen with the G-string Bandits.

  10. "Mystery woman sprays 'mace' on photographer!"

  11. I just love Sarge Charlie's caption! I could not say it better, ha ha ha ha.
    It looks like you were spraying some wasps or something...

  12. Anonymous3:38 PM EDT

    Okay mosquitos, step away from my body...

    I'm not funny... But do I get ten points for trying?

  13. "I'm gonna douse this keyboard one more time for viruses. Stop sending me viagra emails!!"

  14. P.S. This would look great as a dating site photo. Caption: Have you had your shots?

    Or not.
    Just being silly.

    See ya.

  15. I ain't afraid of no bugs!

    (It's the slogan of a local pest control business)


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