Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

Ah, Tuesday - my day off after working a 16-hour shift on Monday. The day that I try to use to catch up on my housecleaning, my errands, my blog reading, my ... well, you get the idea - the day I use to try to catch up on pretty much everything! Sometimes I get caught up on a lot and other times I get caught up in a slump and get absolutely nothing done!

This morning, before I open my Google Reader and have a mild coronary looking at all of the posts I need to catch up on, I've got some things to do outside of the house and away from the computer but before I go I feel duty-bound to leave you folks with a new post to read. Not that there's anything wrong with yesterday's post as I think the night pictures of Norwich that I used for my Manic Monday post were quite nice but still ... what kind of hostess serves leftovers to her guests the next day? My point exactly ...

Having not picked the brains of you, gentle readers, with a question for awhile now I thought perhaps it was time to throw another out there at you. This time it's a question that popped into my head while I was lying in bed this morning debating with myself about actually getting up and facing the day. During the course of the debate (which was strongly leaning towards "stay in bed till noon!" before it was lost), I was trying to decide what to do a post on this morning before heading out into the world and I got to wondering how it was that other people came up with their post ideas and for that matter -

Why do you blog and how do you decide what to blog about?
As for me, I blog because I can't make a living writing professionally even though every great once in awhile I think I write something that's amusing or informative or moving. It's a creative outlet of sorts for me and even though I'm more Erma Bombeck than John Steinbeck, I enjoy it; I'll just never be able to give up my day job for it!

What to write about each day can be tricky, though, especially as I try to post something new everyday. My life, in and of itself, is not all that interesting but I try to find the parts of it that I think other people might enjoy. I've made a lot of friends since I started this blog almost two years ago and when I write a post, I try to write it like I'm sharing something with those friends over a cup of coffee or non-free refills of iced tea at a local restaurant! Do I always succeed? Well, let's put it this way ... have you ever been talking with a friend and they start telling the same story you've heard six times already but you don't have the heart to tell them that but instead you just kind of roll your eyes and go with it as you smile and nod your head in the right places? Yeah ... sometimes I think that happens here, too!

So, how about you? What is it that inspires you to sit in front of a computer screen and journey out into the Blogosphere? I really want to know and I will be looking forward to reading your answers once I get home.


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM EDT

    I blog as a creative and social outlet.

    In my prior career, I worked in marketing and wore many hats. One of which was a writer for a small consumer magazine with a readership of about 20,000-40,000.

    When I was a child, I brought home report card after report card from teachers who wrote that I really liked to talk in class. Mom used ot say I was vaccinated with a phonograph needle.

    So blogging is dual outlet for me. I keep up my writing and I get to meet and "talk" with some wonderful people!

  2. i have no idea why i blog, i just like to, that's all, and i just let my (?) mind wander when i write...

    smiles, bee

  3. I just enjoy it. I get to put my thoughts down on 'virtual' paper and folk read it - what more could anyone want?

  4. I'm mostly in it for the social aspect of things. I do like the creative side, but social wins hands down. For me it's all about visiting the folks in my buddy list. What's going on in their lives and whatever other fun things they may be doing.

    I also am there for those that are going through one crisis or another and feel that just reaching out with a positive message is helpful.

    The content of my blog is just goofy stuff. I don't want to do anything that's stressful, like politics and the like. I just want to have a little fun.

    Great question by the way. Have a great day Linda. Big hug. :)

  5. Once upon a time I earned my living as a writer and editor for everything from radio commercials to technical manuals. After retiring I found that I didn't want to give up writing but life was now pretty quiet. Not lacking in interest for me, just pretty much always the same.

    The cure: My reading addictions, politics, History and genealogy. Most readers will note that almost all of my blogs are based on some tidbit of history frequently based on "this day in history". That and "Manic Monday" pretty well fills the daily output and keeps me sane.

  6. As Lois said, it's a creative and social outlet. My Journal enhances my writing and has helped me make some fine friends.

  7. Blogging is a creative outlet, and also a way to make friends, something I hadn't really foreseen!

    I know that's kinda what the others just said, but...'tis the truth.

  8. This seems to be the topic of conversation in the blogosphere lately. WHY we blog and reaffirming that for ourselves is important. I want the spark back that I had when I first started blogging....that would be nice. My blog is going through a midlife crisis.


  9. I also blog as a creative and social outlet.

    It's something I can do between customers at work to keep my mind occupied.

  10. Why do I blog? Mainly I think it is because of the responses I sometimes get when people comment back - kind of like being about to talk to so many different folks about all kinds of things -interesting stuff and sometimes, downright boring and mundane as well. Because I have no one around me to talk to much of the time too except for an impish 4 1/2 year old and a very, very loud two-year-old with no discernible vocabulary as yet! And you all know by now, apparently since I do LONG Drawn out posts and lengthy comments too, I must love to talk. Yeah, sometimes I do! But sometimes I want to be left alone and quiet and blogging also can afford me that space as well. It's a fun thing, a great outlet to share stories, sentiment, rant too and I get to meet people from all over the world while doing that. Look at my blogroll and you'll see close to 150 bloggers that I follow -and I consider every last one of them plus a few more too, to be my friends now too!

  11. When I retired from the library, I knew I wanted to keep my hand in technology while also keeping my brain from atrophying. Blogging allows me to do both while also expanding my social horizons. I like to think of it as simply an extension of the diary I once kept as a teenager.

  12. A friend was blogging, so I decided to start my own. I just had in mind to have a place where I could journal. In the beginning I wasn't thinking that I would have people actually reading my blog and actually leaving comments. It just grew, and I have made several new friends because of blogging. I enjoy visiting others as well to keep up with what is going on in their lives.

  13. I started mine after reading John Heald's (Carnival cruise director) for about six months. I found Ms. Bee & Lois thru him and read them. Then I wanted to comment and started my own blog so I'm not showing up as anonymous. And then I made lots of new friends and though sometimes it feels like I have no new (or stolen :o) ideas I keep on going and I like it. I wish I was a better writer, cause with English as a second language sometimes it's pretty hard to put down what I really feel. But memes help a lot as I can just follow the theme...

  14. First, kudos to you for taking the time to post afte my day off after working a 16-hour shift! I'm not that dedicated! Next, to answer the question, since I write an introspective blog, I write to find my personal truth so I'll generally take an observation from my life and ... well, dig at it! Try to learn something from it. Like you, sometimes my life isn't that interesting ... but, then again, it's often the smallest of things that people draw the most meaning from! (P.S. This is at least my 3rd trip back here -- I think my 1st time commenting -- and just wanted to say how much I enjoy especially the personal perspectives you offer!)

  15. Anonymous8:00 PM EDT

    What a deep question.
    I think I blog to reach out.
    I blog to connect with people who don't fit into a neat little category.
    I decide what to blog about when something strikes me as funny or odd.

  16. I started blogging to have a place to publish some writing. Then it became about getting out in the bloggosphere and becoming part of the community.

    For a short time it felt like a chore.

    But now I'm evolving so that blogging doesn't dominate my life, but rather enhances it.

    As for how I decide what to blog about, it comes down to whatever catches my eye and aligns with my interests.


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