Sunday, June 22, 2008

No Wind in Our Sale

Alas, yesterday's yard sale turned out to be more like a boat beached upon the shores rather than a glorious sail on the high seas despite the fact that it was advertised in both the local newspaper and on Craig's List.

Personally, I'm going to blame it directly on the lousy economy that we are suffering from in our country. With the cost of gas being well over $4.30 a gallon here in southeastern Connecticut people are more apt to stay home then drive around to yard sales looking for great buys on secondhand merchandise no matter how beautiful the day is and how good the bargains might be.

In the past, when we've had yard sales, there have been times when there have been droves of people jockeying for parking spots and swooping down on the merchandise laid out before them like kids in a candy store with money burning holes in their pockets.

Such was not the case at yesterday's sale as the best we could boast for a crowd was maybe five or six people at one time. In the end, I ended up netting a whopping $18.50, my mother made $40.00 and change, and my youngest brother and his wife who had the majority of the merchandise in the sale managed to pocket $180.00. My oldest brother and his wife didn't make a dime. By yard sale standards, those were some pretty paltry proceeds.

Oh well, at least I cleared a few things out of the house but in the end my golf clubs came home with me so I figure that's either God's way of telling me not to give up on the game just yet or perhaps I should place them on Craig's List and see if I can do better there.

Oh, and as for early birds and free coffee - the two people who showed up right at 8:00 said that they thought the ad was hilarious and almost came in with a cup in hand. They also ended up being two of the best customers of the day spending $25.00 on assorted stuff. See - sometimes a sense of humor does pay off!


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM EDT

    I was wondering if someone would bring coffee. Sorry it didn't turn out any better. :(

  2. Diddly Dang, Sorry to hear that Linda, Yeah sell them clubs so you can have the old spending money for fun times.. oh say around your birthday. Can't wait...

  3. Either we do a small party, or everyone brings something! Sorry your "haul" was paltry...

  4. $18.50?!?! D'oh! That sucks.

    Sorry there wasn't more wind in your sales!

  5. Well, it was a light sale but not a total bust. You made a bit of money at least.

  6. It may be time to send off for that free computer CD "How To Sell on EBay". At the rate the price of gas is climbing, we will all be doing the WWII rationing tap dance to get from place to place.

  7. You're right, those totals SUCK!
    Sorry 'bout that, there is a great deal of work that goes into a garage sale BUT on the plus side, you spent time with people you love......PRICELESS.

  8. hey what are those trophies for up on that shelf?

    and that blue glass stuff looks good too!

    smiles, bee

  9. Empress Bee - One of my brothers restores classic cars and then enters them in car shows - those are his trophies.

    The blue glass stuff was very nice - my sister-in-law had a bunch of pretty blue things that I was half-tempted to take home myself even though I really didn't need them! But they were just SO pretty!

  10. sorry you didn't rake in the bucks, but at least you made two people smile with that great classified ad!

    You're absolutely right when you say that a good sense of humor pays off.



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