Friday, June 20, 2008

Put Down the Mouse, Step Away From the Blog and No One Will Get Hurt

Tomorrow we're going to be having a yard sale up at my Mom's house in Canterbury and I'm supposed to be searching the house high and low for items to put in it that might actually prove to be of value to someone else while they just sit and collect dust at my house. Yard sales are actually a pretty good way to make a little extra pocket cash (which I could really use with next weekend's upcoming trip to New York City with three teenagers!). The problem is, I don't seem to be too motivated to get stuff together and have been putting it off all week. Truly I have become The Queen of Procrastination! Hopefully Queen Mimi doesn't mind that I have declared myself queen of something; after all, I'm supposed to be Linda, Duchess of Norwich Upon the Thames and not Linda, Queen of Procrastination but in this case, it seems more appropriate!

Anyhow, to that end I am going to put up one last post after that this, remove myself from the computer and gather up my old golf clubs that I will sadly never use anymore due to my bad back, dust off my old bowling ball that I shall never use again for the same reason, load up the other assorted goodies I have around the house that are in need of a new home, and venture north to Canterbury to prepare for tomorrow's big sale. I shall return to the wonderful world of blogging after I have raked in phenomenal riches from selling all of my cast-off worldly possessions ... or not!

Everyone else have a great Friday and as Arnold says, "I'll be bach!"


  1. Best of luck with the sale!

    I was always going to join Procrastinator's Anonymous, but I kept putting it off...

  2. Do y'all have a place called Play It Again Sports out there? I mention it because they buy your used sports gear. If the yard sale doesn't work out, you might try that.

  3. hello.
    my name is katherine.
    and I procrastinate.

    have fun.

  4. Getting rid of junk is the hardest thing - you always think you may find a use for it and keep it! :(

  5. Duchess Linda,
    I'm reading these backwards so I don't know yet how the yard sale went. Well, I hope!


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