Friday, June 20, 2008

Semi-Sky Watch Friday

Sunrise Over Plain Hill
Originally uploaded by cole_photography

A lot of bloggers participate in a meme called "Sky Watch Friday" and even though I love looking at all of the pictures they post, I just haven't had the time to add a regular meme to my somewhat hectic schedule. Still, I have been fascinated by the sky lately and as Amanda says, have had my head in the clouds when it comes to a lot of my picture-taking recently. As a matter of fact, I took some yesterday that I will probably be sharing with you soon but for today, I wanted to post this picture that was taken by my friend and co-worker at American Ambulance, Dennis.

Some of you might remember Dennis from my post An Award for a Friend - he's the kick-ass paramedic who makes some equally kick-ass hot wings! Turns out he also takes some kick-ass pictures but that's probably because he owns a kick-ass camera - a Nikon D40 which he recently upgraded to from his Nikon D3. I swear, he's got all the cool toys that I'd love to have if I were a) younger, b) made the money he does, and c) didn't have the bills that I do!

With Dennis' gracious permission I will be using some more of his pictures for next week's Manic Monday Meme - the theme of which is night. Hopefully you can stop by then to check those out!


  1. Beautiful pic!
    Have a great weekend!

    (and let's hope Blogger lets me post this comment, unlike the ones on Amanda's birthday posts...)

  2. It is a great shot. I am SO bad with my digital camera...

  3. An excellent shot, Linda.

    I'm back from Ascot!

  4. Oh my. Frame that's really good!

  5. I love a busy sky. The way the clouds move here and there. It's just beautiful. Okay, I am tired and going to bed now. Over and Out

  6. Wow! That is a "framer," for sure! Dennis definitely has a flare (and a great camera!).
    Anxious to see what you've picked out for Monday...

  7. That's a great shot! I wish I could take good photos :(

  8. That is an amazing photo. I will be checking out more of those photos of his. I take lots of pictures...a good hobby I guess. I think some of mine turn out good by pure luck, but I have an awesome time with it!

  9. That's a stunning sky shot! I took pix of some dark, threatening clouds last week with my cell phone and thought of you.


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