Saturday, June 21, 2008

Setting Sail for the Sale

Rather than sitting in dispatch this Saturday morning, I'll be sitting at my mother's house in Canterbury just waiting for hordes of eager buyers to arrive with their pockets overflowing with money with which to buy some of the marvelous merchandise we have set out for their perusal. After all, hasn't it been said that "one's man trash is another man's treasure"?

In order to draw the crowds in, I placed the following ad in the Norwich Bulletin:
CANTERBURY: Sat. 8-2. Old Plainfield Road. No early birds unless you bring coffee!
Just as sure as God made little green apples, I have no doubt that people will arrive before the designated start time of the sale but I would also be willing to bet that none of them arrive bearing coffee! If any do, I shall be sure to take their picture and let you know because that, my friends, is the stuff that blog posts are made of!

Everyone have a fantastic Saturday - I'll be back tomorrow after I'm done counting the loot from my haul!


  1. Hope you have a great turnout for your yard sale. Remember too that Maya says her Mommie got her little brother at a yard sale so maybe some other shopper will get as lucky, huh?

  2. Hope you make loads o'loot in your sale!!!

    I would bring you coffee, btw!

  3. hope you get lots of buyers....few lurkers...and no cheapskates...


  4. Well. Personally, I don't think it was very nice of you to just sell your stuff to strangers without giving your friends first shot at the loot. It wouldn't have hurt for you to put up a few pictures and take bids.

    But nooooooo.

    And so I am drinking your coffee myself...

    (Hi Linda :)

  5. yard sales amaze me. i once had one and i had a box with all items, twenty five cents. a man picked out a piece and said, this too? it was a half dollar.

    smiles, bee

  6. I feel your pain Linda, we are having a garage sale this weekend too. The joy of spending two weeks on prep time to get up early for two days. We posted our sale to start at 8am and had 6 customers before the official start time. Good luck.

  7. Hope you have a great sale!

  8. I hope you make a lot of money. There are only 2 months and 18 days till your 50th and we are all expecting you to throw a huge party...

  9. Anonymous12:49 PM EDT

    Yard Sales are so much fun. There are a lot of pros out there that are buying and selling every weekend. Brien has an aunt that buys things at yard sales and then resells them making money!

    Hope you had a great turn out and not too early. :)

  10. Since your coffers will be overflowing with showers of gold we will expect you to buy the champaigne to celebrate your new found wealth.

  11. I hope you have better luck than I had with my last garage sale. Good luck.

  12. Hi Linda...came from Mama Flo's and just read your profile. Mouth hanging open that we were both in BMT at Lackland in 1976! I went in August 4th. How about you?

    I'm going to continue reading because I just know I'll love your blog! :)

  13. Anonymous9:44 PM EDT

    How I can't wait for the weather to get cooler to have our yard sale. I already have boxes of stuff to sell.

    Hope yours goes well. Too bad you didn't put out a bug pot of coffee. Always attracts people and keeps them there for a spell to buy!

  14. Anonymous10:15 PM EDT

    I love the Tall Ship yard sale location.

    Does the yard sale treasure float and the trash sink? ;~)

  15. I Can't wait to hear about what happened at the Garage Sale Linda. Hurry up and tell us...

  16. Hope the yard sale was fruitful

    Cute ad you took out.


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