Friday, June 13, 2008

"You say tomayto, I say tomahto ..."

Last year it was fresh spinach ... this year it's tomatoes ... what is up with all the problems with produce these days?

It's not bad enough that we have to pay almost $5.00 for a gallon of gas, $4.00 for a gallon of milk, $2.50 for a dozen eggs, and about $2.00 for a medium-size cup of coffee that just doesn't seem to taste like coffee anymore - now we can't even have a BLT sandwich because the T part of the equation is being yanked off of shelves due to an outbreak of salmonella poisoning!

Last year's pulling of bagged spinach from grocery coolers really didn't affect me as I'm not a fresh spinach eater as a rule but to not be able to have a tomato on my salad or my sandwich or hamburger is just downright unacceptable! Thank goodness I had the foresight to decide to grow my own tomatoes this year and bought a lone plant back in April. It's now happily growing in a container on my front porch amongst all of the petunias, dusty miller, morning glories, geraniums, and whatever else I have out there.

my tomato plantI bought it a cage yesterday to help support it as it's doing so well and I can't wait until this lovely plant starts producing some fruit so I can enjoy a homegrown tomato or two on my salads and sandwiches. Tomato scare indeed - we'll just see about that!

How about you? How are you surviving the Great Tomato Shortage of '08?

Also, come on back by later and I'll fill you in on what I was doing wearing that bandanna over my face yesterday - I've almost got all of the pictures together to tell the whole story!


  1. I think it is ludicrous that tomotoes have been pulled for less than 40 cases nation wide.

    I did get a couple from my folks' garden.....I wish they had planted more.

  2. I have a little tomato plant on my deck which will have to make little bitty tomato sandwiches all summer. .....I call it "The Little Tomato Plant That Could"

  3. We grow our own tomato's too...nothing like a fresh tomato with fresh basil and mozzerella oh my gosh...nothing like it..hubby accused me of trying to kill him last Sunday..I put the tomato from my salad into his...I don't really like restaurant veggies...ya don't know where they came from...I gave him my cukes too. trying to kill him...hummm

  4. Mimi cracked me up. I don't like tomato on my sandwiches, but I do like them in a salad. I switched to cherry tomatoes. They don't seem to be affected. Have a great day Linda.

  5. What's all the fuss about tomatoes over there?

    You think you've got it bad?

    Petrol £5 $10)( per gallon
    Milk £4 ($8)per gallon
    Eggs and a cup of coffee is probably about the same price as there.

    Beer is £16 ($32) per gallon - not that we drink it by the gallon of course! It would be cheaper to drink petrol!

  6. we are doing without, that's what, and it sucks!

    smiles, bee

  7. Hi!!!
    I planted two tomato plants this year: Early Girl and grape 'maters.
    So far, the grape tomatoes are delish and the Early Girl has several large green ones that I can hardly wait to eat. And no tomato worms (yet!)...

  8. Here we are, living in a society that has so much more knowledge, so much available to aid the growing of fruits/veggies, etc. and we're getting knocked about by bacterial stuff in our fresh food products. It's really a bit insane isn't it?
    Like you, I decided to give it a go to try and grow some stuff. Not sure how this will fare out for me as I tend to have a very black thumb (and it's not from the dirt in the ground either!) I planted some tomato, green pepper and cabbage plants in an area along side my house, just below my kitchen window -used to be a flower bed years back and I'm hoping the plants survive and produce a little bit of something! We shall see. Cross your fingers, say some prayers for my plants -better yet, come weed 'em and talk to them for me too will ya? Maybe that will entice them into believing I really do love them all equally and want them to live a nice life here!
    Cheers, kiddo!

  9. We have some tomato plants that are getting started in containers. Looking forward to them.

    and I've been buying grape tomatoes for our salad

  10. We don't buy tomatoes or much other fresh produce because it ends up going bad. Food is becoming too expense to let stuff spoil because we don't eat it fast enough.

    I guess this is just one more thing we need to ride out, hoping the markets correct for price and quality soon.

  11. Anonymous7:05 PM EDT

    I lucked out and got some from a roadside vendor last week. They are fresh and yummy! :)


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