Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jamie!

Fifteen years ago today I was spending some time at the William W. Backus Hospital here in Norwich giving birth to my youngest child - Jamie as a baby the only one not born on the West Coast (Michael was born in Riverside, California and Amanda was born in Long Beach). Jamie was also my easiest birth as I had gone in for an amniocentesis to see if her lungs were developed enough for them to induce labor in a few days (I had gestational diabetes with both she and Amanda) but instead they ended up doing a C-section just hours later as there wasn't enough amniotic fluid for them to do the test. Ut-oh!
Shortly after my friend Carol arrived (Jamie's father was out to sea somewhere in the Pacific at the time), they rolled me into the Operating Room and before I knew it they were handing me a little blue sausage of a baby - at least that's what she looked like to me! Even though I had been injecting insulin for several months, Jamie wasn't a classic oversized diabetic baby as she weighed100_0632 in at only 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 19 inches long. Compared to my other two she seemed downright miniature and is still the smallest of my three.
She's also probably the most adaptable of the three and has always been a bit of an imp (well, okay, not just a bit!). She likes classic rock and roll with AC/DC being her number one band, loves horror movies (especially the Friday the 13th series), likes to draw almost as much as Amanda does, and talks - a lot - which Mags could certainly attest to after our weekend at her place in Boston last week!
To celebrate her birthday today we're going to have lunch with my mother and then go to the movies to see "The Dark Knight" with a friend she met on her plane ride up from Florida earlier in the month (who just happens to live the next town over). I also need to get her an ice cream cake, which is her favorite and something she looks forward to every year. 100_0730
Happy birthday, kiddo, and may the next year be a wonderful one for you filled with all of the things that make 15-year olds happy - acne not being one of them!

Oh, and if you think I'm not feeling even older knowing that my youngest is now 15 - think again!
... now where did I put that Geritol??


  1. Wish Jamie a very happy birthday from me, Linda.

    Coincidentally, it is my father's birthday today as well!


    Wow.... 15. I can't imagine what life will be like in 15 years when I am in your shoes! Whatever it may be I'll probably still be sitting behind the console at American.........and it will probably be the same stinkin console we have now! :)

    Cya tomorrow!

  3. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Jamie,
    Happy Birthday to you. :)

  4. My baby turned 14 in March and it does make you feel old. Of course turning 50 should do the trick too! Take it from me because I beat you to the mark by a couple of months. Did you get your AARP Card yet?


  5. Yes, Happy birthday to Jamie! She's a sweetheart! Lucky Mom! Lucky Jamie! :)

  6. Boy, Sandee sings well! Happy Happy Jaime. You will LOVE The Dark Night...

  7. Happy, happy birthday Jamie! Your birthday plans sound perfect...especially that ice cream cake. Enjoy!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Jamie! I hope you are having a wonderful day today.

  9. Anonymous9:05 AM EDT

    My child turned 12 in June and it does make you feel old. Of course turning 50 should do the trick too! Take it from me because I beat you to the mark by a couple of months.

  10. Happy Birthday Jamie

    Hope it was a great one.

    Linda, you are about at the age to start celebrating anniversaries of your favorite birthday. I've been 34 for 30 years now. It does wonders for your mental outlook.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Jamie!
    (sorry,wasn't online much at all yesterday!)

    love mo

  12. What a baby! But then again, what a Mom!

  13. Anonymous7:46 PM EDT

    Very beautifully done, Linda! I love it. :)

  14. Anonymous7:47 PM EDT

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that sweet, beautiful girl.

  15. Anonymous7:54 PM EDT

    Happy Birthday, Jamie!!!!

  16. Anonymous11:13 PM EDT

    Happy Belated Birthday Jamie! I'm so glad that you two got to spend it together. That's the best part of it, oh and the ice cream cake too :)

  17. Belated Happy Birthday to Jaime!

  18. Anonymous1:37 AM EDT

    Happy late Birthday, Jamie!!!
    what a sweet post, Linda.
    sniff, sniff!


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