Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rocking the Night Away

I know I've been promising you all that New York City trip post now for almost two weeks but as I was going to sit down and finally get it hammered out last night I had a better offer that I just couldn't refuse ... the chance to play a little bit of Rock Band on the XBox 360 with the youngest daughter!

Jamie the RockerYou know how the old Cyndi Lauper song goes ... "girls just wanna have fun" so I took a break from the blog and had some fun with Jamie. I'll get around to that other post - eventually!


  1. New York later. We want pictures of you with the guitar. Actually a video of your body english would be even better. Rock out. :)

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM EDT

    Looks like she's having fun!

  3. wow that looks like fun!

    smiles, bee

  4. look at the top of your weblog....THAT is who you are and what is important...

    let the NY post simmmer for a couple'll be better.

    (although video of you guys playin Rock Band would be fun....laughing)

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM EDT

    *singing* "Girls just wanna have fu-h-un..."

    I'm glad no one can here me!
    That's a pretty cool shot, b.t.w. - have fun, girls!

    P.S.: Thank you so much for all your kind comments during the pregnancy and on Lily's birth announcement, Linda! I'm trying my very best to catch up and return to "normal" now *g*

  6. Makes perfectly good sense to me! I've been trying to keep up with the blog reading but not the blogging part so much as I've been reading books this week. Finished another book last night from the recent purchase I made via B&N (23 books for $68 -bargain basement deals ya know!)

  7. Anonymous12:34 PM EDT

    So, is the hat a requirement for the game or is she just THAT cool?!?!

    I so want to watch you and the girls play this game. I've never seen it in action. I know I'd suck at it, but it'd be fun to watch someone good play it!

  8. Spending time with Jamie has got to be better than blogging! :)

  9. I'm SO happy Jamie is there with you for a while!
    Don't worry about us - you just have a great time with your girls!

  10. I haven't played in forever!

    I'd probably have to go back to EASY!

  11. Now I know why I like your blog! LOL.

    I just realized you're a dispatcher (as is my aunt) and I looove dispatchers because they keep people like my LEO boyfriend and EMS brother safe.

    Plus, you like Rock Band... how much cooler can you get than that?

  12. Jamie looks a natural with the guitar!

  13. I always knew Cyndi was right! And New York can wait...just like the rest of us are forced to do in our daily lives.

    Oh...and thanks for the recommendation about the Comfort Inn. Hubby and I are thinking about making our way back East for a visit sometime soon and I've been trying to find a good hotel.

  14. Have fun! We will all be here when you are ready...

  15. Were you the percussionist?

  16. I wanted to stop by and tell you you're right about NJ diners!! I saw your comment over at Ralph's. I thought Brooklyn had the best diner food til I moved to NJ.

    Your girl is adorable! and nothing takes priority over having fun with the girls :)

  17. It's tricky in the holidays to get around to anything. Fabulous photo.

    We could probably do with seeing a few more of Amanda's work[hint!]. There again I could just go and have a peek myself.

  18. I think you should forget about the NY post and just enjoy life! :) Especially with Jamie in town.

  19. Anonymous8:33 PM EDT

    what a great pic--that is what childhood (and adulthood) is all about!! Love it!

  20. I look forward to the other pictures you have of NYC. It will take me back down memory lane. I would love to visit NYC again. It was exciting.

    Nice picture of your daughter.

  21. Taking a blog break to spend time with your family? The nerve!


    Sounds like you had fun!

  22. Anonymous3:08 PM EDT

    you rock, :D
    I want to very much was good at to play the guitar

  23. Cute photo of Jamie. Spending time having fun with her beats blogging. The blogosphere can wait.


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