Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Thought on Vacations

So ... ya know how it is when you go on a vacation and once you come back from that vacation the one thing you really want more than anything is a vacation to recover from your vacation so you then you find yourself looking for all sorts of vacation deals so that you can, in fact, take another vacation? Yeah ... that's about where I'm at right now! I haven't even done an "official" post about my last mini-vacation to New York City and I'm ready to go on another!

NOT that I can afford a vacation, mind you, at least not financially but trust me, mentally - I could really use one! Of course with Jamie flying in Thursday night I'm thinking "Good luck with that, old woman!"

Sigh ... anyone got a time share they aren't using that they want to donate to a worthy cause??


  1. california....new york....

    what's next? Texas? Montanta?

  2. No vacation this year for us, I'm afraid. Used to go to the Cape in the past, but $ (or lack of) interfered.

    Spend less than on vacation restaurants by charcoal grilling some thick fillet mignon steaks, making a cocktail and relaxing on the patio. A reasonable vacation alternative...

  3. So it's a staycation for us this summer. Hoping to go out to eat a few times, maybe a movie or two.

    Livin' large..

  4. Anonymous9:53 PM EDT

    Girl, I can barely afford to put gas in my truck to take the kids back and forth to daycare just so that I can work. *sigh*

    I'll get paid a week's vacation before I leave work (for good), but I'll just be preparing for baby.

  5. The Queen's vacation plans are top secret. As usual...

  6. VACATION!!!!!!!

    Oh...sorry. It's just that I kinda need one.


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