Friday, August 22, 2008

Beginning a Journey Around The Sun

A few weeks ago I posted this picture of the Mohegan Sun Casino and Hotel as part of my Big post for Mo's Manic Monday Meme. You may remember or you may not. You may also remember that I briefly mentioned that I would be starting a new part-time job here once I had gone through licensing and all that fun stuff - or you may not! It's okay if you don't remember, I have trouble remembering what day it is half the time so I'm sure not going to hold a leaky memory against anyone else!

At any rate, after attending Orientation and receiving my gaming license from the State of Connecticut Gaming Commission, I had my first training shift this past Tuesday evening in the communications center for Mohegan Tribal Public Safety. Even though I have been a dispatcher for more years than I care to count at this point, I must confess to being a tad bit good deal nervous when it comes to learning this new position.

At American Ambulance I dispatch ambulances and wheelchair vans - that's it - nothing else. At Mohegan Tribal I will be dispatching not only EMS personnel but also police and fire personnel as well as monitoring cameras, alarm systems, elevators and escalators, parking garages, and the gas station along with a whole host of other things that I can't even begin to remember right now! Even though I have been a Police and Fire Dispatcher in the past, that means virtually nothing to me as I begin this new job because as far as I'm concerned, I'm a rookie - plain and simple!

Along with myself, two other dispatchers were hired on for per diem work with the Tribe - one a fellow dispatcher from American and another a dispatcher at Station M in Montville and we all need to go through a good 40-hour training period - at the very least! John, the dispatcher from Montville, also came in for the training shift with me on Tuesday night so together we had a chance to be overwhelmed at the magnitude of the new job we had taken on.

I have a slight advantage over John and Kevin, my fellow dispatcher from American, in that I worked at the Mohegan Sun once before as a blackjack dealer and I'm at least a little bit familiar with parts of the casino that they aren't. As Lisa, the lead dispatcher, gave John and I a walking tour Tuesday night it was nice to see that some things hadn't changed in the 6 years since I'd been there but there was a lot that had. The Sun is just about ready to open their latest expansion - the Casino of the Wind - and there's still a lot of construction going on, especially in the area where they are building a second hotel. To remember where everything is will definitely take some time!

During my next training shift (today from 6 a.m. to noon), I'll be spending a couple of hours walking the complex with one of the Fire Inspectors as he shows me the ins and outs of the entire complex including the new construction, back-of-the-house areas, and any place else he thinks I'll need to know about. I suspect it will be more than a bit overwhelming but I'm looking forward to it as the Inspector I'll be with also works as a part-time dispatcher at American and he is the King of Snark as well as one of the funniest guys I know. Don't tell him I said that, though, I don't want him to get a swollen head though from what Lisa was saying the other night I get the feeling that he may already have one as he's not "just a" Fire Inspector at the Sun but more like a Fire God. He's been there since the place first opened and he knows where everything is - everything. It's hard not to be impressed.

In addition to knowing the above mentioned Fire God and having worked with Lisa when she was a part-time dispatcher at the Norwich Police Department many years ago, I have the pleasure of being able to work once again with some of the guys and gals that I have dispatched in the past. Seems like when a lot of officers retire after their 20-years at Norwich PD, they head down and become Tribal Police Officers at Mohegan - Artie, Joe, Diane, Elaine, Mike, and Todd are all there as well as the man who used to be my very first Lieutenant at NPD - Frank. He's been the Commander at Mohegan Tribal PD since its inception but seemed just as I remembered him when I went in for my interview (though maybe a tiny bit grayer!). In addition to the officers I know, there are also several paramedics I've had the pleasure of working with - Mark, Lindsay, Jeff, and Eddie - who work for the Mohegan Tribal Fire Department.

The Mohegan Mobil Station as seen at night

I'm looking forward to being a police dispatcher again and while having some familiar faces and voices at my new job will be great, I still think it's going to be rather intimidating for quite some time. It's always been my contention that anyone who takes on a dispatch position should treat that position with respect and a bit of nervousness as every dispatch center is different and no matter how long you've been doing it, you've always got something new to learn. I figure I've got plenty to learn and am plenty nervous about it but to me that's a good thing. Nerve-wracking but good!

Oh, and I almost forgot! One of the best things about all this is that because I am an employee of the Tribe and not the Casino itself, I can still gamble there should I choose to! The only stipulation is that I don't do it on any of my breaks but I'm sure that won't be a problem as I only test my luck, or lack thereof, every so often but I do like to go with my Mom from time to time plus the Beach Bunch that I'm spending a week with in September have expressed an interest in going to the Sun. I've shown it off to Mo and Mags once last October but I'll be happy to show it off again to everyone in September as the Sun beats "the wonder of it all" every time as far as I'm concerned! And I would say that whether I worked there or not!


  1. Congratulations on your newest position!! I admire your willingness to take on a new challenge. I've noticed that the older I get, the more challenging learning seems to be for me!!

  2. Good luck in your new endeavors.

  3. This sounds very exciting! I'm glad you're getting some "new" air and that you've stepped a little bit out of your comfort zone. Every now and then we need that, I think.

    Also, how cool is it that you get to work with 2 people you've known already? I find it funny that you are saying "See ya later" to the two boys who cut wedding cake together and now you've got 2 old "new" friends.

    I've used a lot of " " in this comment. Better than lots of !!!!!! don't you think? ;)

    Also, seeing your pictures of the casino just made me REALLY excited about vacation. I was already, but it's just coming up super fast now. It seems like just yesterday we had our MoMo here, and now we're getting lots more. Oh, the wonder of it all...

    Hope you have a great day today! Eat something other than cake today, k?

  4. Anonymous9:25 AM EDT

    WOW... what an exciting day you have... beats my upcoming trip to Pulbix...

    I'm sure you will get the hang of things quickly. A dispatcher with your experience level will dive right in.

    I dub today a SUNny day for Miz Linda!


  5. Congrats, that place is so big I find it intimidating. working there would scare me to death.

  6. Oh Linda, that's wonderful - you have all old friends to work with. I'm sure you'll be in your element in no time. Good luck!

  7. Just don't get any ideas about leaving me at American should your glorious "non-internet-banned", better benefits poition down at the tribe entice you into full time!

    Besides, Kevin would put a price on your head :)

  8. Good luck with the new position! I hope you don't work so hard that you're too tired to blog anymore!

  9. Such picture quality! You're really good, Linda.

  10. Congratulations on your new part-time job, Linda, and I wish you the best in it.

    Beautiful picture of the mobile station at night.

  11. Congratulations on your new part-time job, Linda, and I wish you the best in it.

    Beautiful picture of the mobile station at night.

  12. Anonymous9:19 PM EDT

    I am so stoked about this for you, Linda! :)

    You rock!!!

  13. I don't think there is anything they could throw at you that you couldn't handle with style and profesionalism. You are royalty after all!

    Do they know that?
    You should tell them. You might get more perks. Just sayin....

    Seriously, congratulations on your new position. I know it's going to be a good move for you. You know how to play blackjack??! I'm impressed.
    All I can play is gin rummy.

    Maybe you'd better not tell 'em you're related to me after all.

  14. "Blogger Jenifer said...

    Just don't get any ideas about leaving me at American should your glorious "non-internet-banned", better benefits poition down at the tribe entice you into full time!

    Besides, Kevin would put a price on your head :)."

    And AASI would have a day of mourning.. oh dear, he thought of it makes me ill.

  15. Anonymous2:18 AM EDT

    Wow! Congrats Linda. The position sounds exciting and totally something you can handle. I went to my first casino in Vegas this year and I had a blast. They have some tribal ones here too and I might have my 40th birthday there if I can;t go back to Vegas for it.

    Just was reading up on what you've been up to. I wanted to tell you too that Ed got his blog back so he has the tech one and the old one now too. Remember that awful contest he ran once? You and I went and trying to solve the mystery item. LOL!

    Good luck with your new job!

  16. So now you're trying to confuse me when I call AASI for a medic and I get told "No", I'll get to talk to you when I call the Tribe??!!

    There is a great bunch of people working there, Knapp, Coxe, Dubois, Grezckowski, Way, and Fire Jesus Frank! LOL
    Plus others I know like Jamie and Shane on the FD, along with my lil' buddy "Debbiesnacks" and Ladyka in dispatch... You'll find the Sun has a great bunch of public safety employees, much like that of American. I hope you have fun there Linda, and enjoy the lack of stress compared to you know where...HAHA

  17. Best of luck in the new position, Linda.
    You're a Duchess so I'm sure you will be treated royally at the Sun.

    I envy your being able to leave your comfort zone. That's what I need to do..

    That's great you will be working with some old pals. That will make things easier.

    Congratulations ;-)

  18. Awesome what has occurred since United Nuclear occupied this site!

    You have the background, training ans smarts for the casino. Don't ever underestimate yourself!

  19. best wishes Miss Linda, you go girl.

  20. Good luck with the new job Linda. It's always a bit daunting starting a new job but within a couple of weeks it'll be like you've always been there. :)


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