Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Creative Photography #10

Tree at Fort Griswold
It's time once again for Roger's Creative Photography Contest and once again I'm entering just  under the wire but as long as I get my entry in by Wednesday, it's all good - right, Roger?  Truth be told, I was going to sit this week out but my good blogging buddy Princess Patti talked me into entering a photograph again this week so I acquiesced and dug through my pictures.

My past contest entries seem to have been mostly landscapes so this week I thought I would try something a little different and go with a single tree.  No moon, no clouds, no sunset - just a tree!  However, I must confess that this picture was taken at night which shouldn't surprise anyone who's been reading my blog and knows I've taken to prowling the countryside by the light of the moon in search of pictures.

There's a good chance that this tree may make a reappearance in September as I'm working on a post of a historical nature and this tree is part of that however it will probably reappear in a slightly different incarnation! Be sure to look for it!

In the meantime, click on over to the Creative Photography blog and take a look at this week's other contest entries.  You can tell Roger I sent you!


  1. Anonymous1:00 AM EDT

    I absolutely love this photo, LInda. I love tree shots. The color, the texture. LOVE IT!!

  2. Anonymous3:38 AM EDT

    This picture evokes some kind of spookiness to it I can't describe..pretty cool

  3. Anonymous5:34 AM EDT

    Good texture study

  4. That's fantasic for a night shot!

  5. Anonymous6:51 AM EDT

    That tree can certainly tell some stories!

  6. I glad Patti talked you in to it! I love the tree shot and look forward to your Creative Photography submissions Linda!

    I notice you have a award I created My Blog Rocks! And yous certainly dose, You Rock Linda!! :D

  7. The tree does not look awake yet!

    Thanks for submitting your work again, and please continue!

  8. nice capture Linda...

    good luck this week

  9. Cool Linda. Another potential winner here. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

  10. I'm glad you submitted! I enjoy your photos every week and I love your "prowling the countryside" at night soul!

    This tree is awesome! the color is so cool!

  11. Anonymous2:51 PM EDT

    Very creative, Linda. What someone can think of with a camera!

  12. Another great night shot, Duchess Linda!

    I am loving the night scenes you find. Glad you joined the contest!

  13. Anonymous7:55 PM EDT

    Great picture, Linda.

  14. Anonymous10:21 PM EDT

    Wow, nice job Linda!

    Best of luck.

  15. Anonymous11:44 PM EDT

    I think it's wonderful! I love pictures of trees.. just a single tree. :)

  16. Just imagine, if a tree could talk, the tales this one might tell. I wonder how old it is? But you might be shedding some light on that in your upcoming post - hint, hint...

  17. I'm fascinated by how your night photos come out. Another good job!

  18. Hey, what's up with the get-together with Mags and Claire?!! When was I going to find out about this? LOL

    Seriously though, if you end up going out for a few drinks or dinner, and want a bodyguard, let me know...(wink, wink)

    Not trying to invite myself, but I'd wouldn't mind meeting up with my good ole' partner, the Magnificant Maggie, and the infamous Claire!!

    (Have I kissed enough butt?? LOL)

  19. It sure is a beautiful picture I really like it.


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