Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Creative Photography Contest #11

Roger has tweaked the rules a little bit over at his Creative Photography Contest blog but I think that the changes are for the better and hope that it doesn't dissuade anyone from joining in each week. I think that one the best parts of the contest is having other people who are so much better at photography than I am stop by and give me encouragement or pointers on my pictures.  Plus it gives me the chance to look at some truly outstanding photos entered by other people.

In talking to my Mom the other day she mentioned that my youngest brother had stopped by my blog a time or two and told her that there were just a lot of pictures lately like I thought I was "a photographer or something".  Well, no, I'm not nor do I think I am but I have a good time going out with my camera and trying to get pictures from different perspectives.  Plus I think a picture or two makes my posts more interesting for my readers.  At least I'd like to think so!  Anyhow, enough yakking and on to this week's contest entry!

Last week I posted a picture of a single tree and this week I'm posting a picture of a single rose.  I took this shot today while I was out photographing a few things for another blog post and it just struck me as beautiful what with summer coming to an end and a lot of roses blooming for the final time. I made a few minor adjustments to the original picture with Picasa but nothing drastic.

A Single Red Rose

If you'd like to see more entries for this week's contest, be sure to stop by Roger's post for Creative Photography Contest Week #11 and check out the linkies!  If you'd like to enter yourself, you have until Wednesday afternoon to do so.


  1. Hi, Linda! Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my entry for this week. :) Your rose is a great shot! You're doing a great job with your photos - don't let your brother discourage you! :)
    Be blessed!

  2. Lovely rose and isn't it sad to think that the flowers will be gone soon! At least I can look forward to my heather being in bloom. :D

  3. It's beautiful Linda. You are getting quite good with your camera you know. Have a great evening. Big hug. :)

  4. Anonymous10:12 PM EDT

    I love the sharp contrast between black and white and that bright red. Beautifully done :)

  5. Wow you made that rose pop right off the screen! You did that just right.

    Thank you for your words on CP, I know some have left or haven't returned because they thought they had the #1 spot and the cards didn't fall that way and that is sad.
    This contest is baste on fun and learning from each other, there is a whole bunch of weeks in the year lol! Lots of chances to win!:D

  6. wonderful photo!!! i hope you win...

    smiles, bee

  7. That's a beauty, Linda!

  8. I am looking forward to all the picture taking in 2 weeks... yeah for us...I love the pictures you take. Keep it up.

  9. That's a very beautiful picture ! and so creative one single rose ...

  10. So understated and so beautiful...
    Tell your brother to go suck rocks. Shame on him!
    My #2 daughter had her birthday Sunday. Her beau bought her what you and I would die for and she doesn't even care much about taking photos. I don't think I can squeak by swapping them, either!!! It's one of Sony's high dollar digitals. Oh, well...I'm still wishing for a Canon.
    Our little Kodaks are doing just fine...

  11. Lovely photo, Linda! Don't let your brother or anyone discourage you. You have a great eye.

    Good luck in Roger's contest.

  12. Pretty, pretty. I like your tweaking :o)

  13. I took your advice, Linda. I entered the photo of my cats you liked so well! (It's on my photo journal blog instead of WillThink4Wine)

  14. Linda, you did an absolutely beautiful job on this photo! It is so pretty and I agree with Roger, it "pops" right out at you. Everything about it is just right.

    Good Luck and thank you for stopping by and giving me such a fun comment! :-)

  15. Anonymous1:08 PM EDT

    It's all about the rose...and it is beautiful!

  16. Love the background, makes the rose stand out, nice job.

  17. Anonymous2:39 PM EDT

    Beautiful! It looks like it should be under a glass enclosure like Beauty and The Beast! :)

    *fingers crossed for Linda*

  18. Hey Linda I have 2 younger brothers, I say kick them in the ***** if they get on your nerves! Well not really. Yes! Really ;)

    I love your photography - the single very red rose against the black and white is so beautiful.

  19. That is one way to make the rose leap off the screen...

    good luck

  20. This is a great rose, thorns and all. It feels quite 3D, and is the perfect detail added to the white brick wall.

    Another excellent contribution to the blogger-photographer artist you are!

  21. I loved the rose, one of my favorite flowers. I think you did a great posting with this.

  22. Anonymous9:09 AM EDT

    Nice rose i like roses...


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