Monday, September 1, 2008

Creative Photography #12

A Gate to the Past

For regular readers of my blog, that tree on the left is going to look familiar to you as it was featured previously in my Creative Photography #10 post. A few people had mentioned that it looked rather "haunting" in that photo and I suspect that it looks a bit that way in this one, too, especially when you throw in the iron gate and moon peeking through the clouds.

I took this picture with my Kodak Z712 IS at night using a tripod. The only adjustments I made were to crop it a bit and convert it to black and white - other than that, it's untouched. You can see the original here if you'd like.

I decided to use this photo as my submission for Roger's Creativity Photography Contest #12 for several reasons with the first and foremost being that I like it! The other reason is that I will be doing a post this coming Saturday on exactly where this place is and what part it played in the history of our country. In that post, you'll get to see this tree and the surrounding area in the daylight rather than by the glow of the moon and then you can tell me whether you still think it's "haunting" or not!

For more creative photos, be sure to check out not only Roger's Creative Photography blog but also his own blog, Idaho Daily Photo. Oh, and lest I forget, be sure to go over to visit Patti at Late Bloomer Boomer and congratulate her on winning last week's Creative Photography contest with this poignant and precious picture of parenthood. Congratulations again, Patti!


  1. I love black and white photos - they are always so dramatic!

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM EDT

    perfect pick for a halloween post... Just throw in an orange pumpkin and you got it made!!!

  3. Anonymous10:39 AM EDT

    Nicely done, Linda. :)

  4. Terrific photo...both the original and the B&W. And I definitely agree with reminds me that Halloween is only 2 months away!

  5. did you see midnight in the garden of good and evil??? well, that's IT!

    smiles, bee

  6. Wow all the elements in this picture are amazing.. the moon, clouds, city sky line, the tree sky line on the left, the tree, iron gate, the Concrete...This picture is Wow, Wow, Wow.... Very well done.. Black and White makes it totally, as Bee would say, Tits girl

  7. Very cool. The elements like the tree, the surface of the wall, the hint of the lights of the city beyond the gate, and of course the cloud-enhanced moon... what a wonderful composition!

  8. That's beautiful! You can put that title Photographer on your business cards, darlin'.

    Excellent job!

  9. That is one of the best photographs I've seen anywhere in the blogosphere. Seriously.

    You're on to something with this photography, Linda. It looks so professional.

  10. What a great shot! Simply terrific...

  11. Anonymous7:16 PM EDT

    Linda, that certainly is the eeriest view of that site I have ever seen! I will not give up the goods of the locale but am wondering if you saw any ghosts from the past while shooting? You captured perfectly which in lies the spirits of our past.

  12. I love this one Linda. Kind of creepy, but in a good sort of way. Hope you had a great weekend and didn't have to work too hard. Big hug. :)

  13. ♦I love that Lynda♦
    It is haunting and at the same time looks warm and rich, I can't explain it but will try.

    The black and white is so right on! (There my favorite) some photos B/W will not work on but this... this shot to me is a work of art. The moon up in the sky peeking through the clouds of the darken night sky almost has a romantic feel to it but the iron fence and the old stone work lend itself to how early horror movies may start out, the tree is beautiful and mysterious the lights and Hillie background give great depth.

    ♦A very nice job Linda!♦

  14. Anonymous2:56 AM EDT

    wow! i love how the moon peeks at the cemetery!

  15. I love this photo! Hauntingly well done. The moon adds so much. Black and white is perfect for this scene.

    Good luck in Roger's contest!

    Thanks for the Linky Love, Linda.


  16. Anonymous10:48 AM EDT

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by my site, I'm so glad you like it! I love this picture, it looks so spooky, and yes throw in a few pumkins and you have a great halloween photo.

  17. Great photo. I'm beginning to enjoy B/W photos more and more. Good luck!

  18. Another imaginative shot, Linda

  19. Black and white is perfect for old stonework. It seems to give it character, probably because the stone is gray as well.

    Perfect as well with the classic wrought iron black fence. From the era of Poe, it seems. You've done it again!

  20. The black and white touch is fabulous, it definably helped the mood. :)

  21. Anonymous12:46 AM EDT

    Yes it looks mysterious...

  22. I love that tree and in this shot it plays a supporting role to the fence!

    the moon was captured beautifully.

    I love the notion of you wandering the dark of night armed with a tripod! ;)

  23. A wonderful picture Linda...I love the "haunting" image you have captured.

  24. Hi Linda!
    What a very erie photo! I absolutely love it. I am a spooky, halloween lover and this photo has that crisp, dreary, dark feel to it. Great Job!

    Good Luck!

  25. Anonymous10:32 PM EDT

    Spooky feel to it, but with the bright moon lights. It's beautiful!

  26. Lin I just wanted to say this was my top pick and you came in second and missed tying for first place by one vote. I really love this photo and if I had my way you would have been #1 this week.

    I hope this makes you feel good and have appreciated all your submissions and enjoyed viewing them, thank you.

    We have a different formatted for this month. I apologies for all the changes we are learning how to do this contest as we go along and hope that we can get it to a level that is fair and fun for everyone.

    Have a great weekend!
    Your friend,


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