Thursday, August 21, 2008

Houston, We Have Tomatoes!

The Tomato Plant It's been a long time coming but I can finally reap some of the fruits of my labors as the tomato plant I started growing last May is at last yielding some honest-to-goodness vine-ripened tomatoes!  

With the way the weather has been going this summer and all the rain that we were having, I was beginning to despair of ever actually getting any edible tomatoes from my plant as a lot of people were having problems with tomatoes rotting on the vines and what-not.  Perhaps having grown my tomato plant in a container on the porch made a difference as the plant wasn't subject to the elements like a traditional plant in a garden would be and rather than it being drenched on a constant basis, I had to make sure to water it at least every other day so it wouldn't dry out. My First Tomatoes

These three little beauties are the first pick of the vine and I'm as proud as any kid entering their own homegrown goodness into one of the local fairs!   Granted, they are certainly nowhere near good enough to earn a ribbon, blue or otherwise, at the fair as they aren't very big and the top two need to ripen up just a bit more but to me they are definitely winners! 

Sliced Maters with SaltOf course, the proof is in the eating so with my mouth watering for a taste of vine-ripened goodness I sliced up the ripest tomato, arranged it on a plate, and sprinkled it with salt for one quick photo before sitting down with a fork and enjoying every single mouthful. Let me just say - it was absolutely delicious and I can't wait for the others to ripen up a bit more so I can eat those, too!

No wonder people like to garden - it gives you a sense of accomplishment that going into a grocery store and buying something off of the shelf never could.  Perhaps next year I'll try growing some peas, too!


  1. looks delicious! funny i slice them the opposite way from how you do it! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. I've got 12 tomatoes on my plants alongside my house -however, they seem to have stopped growing and also, they seem not to be turning yellow and/or red! Makes me wonder if all I'm gonna get out of these babies is a meal of fried green tomatoes. Not that I would object to that but a few more tomatoes on those vines and would really welcome!

  3. Anonymous11:25 PM EDT

    Oh yummy! I want one. :)

    I'm with Bee...we Southerners slice ours bass ackward!

  4. they look lovely, Linda

    peas are hard, btw
    I had great success as a gardener - with almost everything but peas.
    stick with the maters!

  5. Anonymous9:26 AM EDT

    mmmmmm.... mateys....

  6. It's not just southerners...... I work with Linda, and I slice my tomatoes the other way too.... she's just weird!!

    Not only is it more fun to grow your own, they taste infinitely better too!

  7. I must be missing something because I don't see anything odd with the way those tomatoes are sliced. Hmmmmm.

    They look fantastic and my mouth did water quite a bit.

  8. I am not a tomato eater but they do look lovely.I hope they were tasty for you.

  9. This has me craving a tomato sandwich with mayonnaise and onions....or maybe Dijon mustard and alfalfa sprouts....cheese too!

  10. Anonymous12:16 AM EDT

    There is nothing like eating a real fresh tomato. That one looks so yummy! I remember eating them like a peach, just putting a little salt/pepper on each bite as I ate my way through.

    Oh gosh I'm hungry now!

  11. so are they sitting on your windowsil ripening??

  12. Yum. These tomatoes look delicious. I am confused about the slicing issue. I think I slice them the way the picture looks, but...

    (scratching head)

  13. The tomatoes look great! Add fresh basil and mozzarella and you have the perfect summer treat.

    I'm thinking about the plants with the cage for next year for consistent growth. Enjoy the best fruit of summer. Lightly dressed with salt and pepper is perfect also...

  14. Anonymous5:25 PM EDT

    Yeah they do really look great, makes me want a pizza! Hehe


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