Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Steeplechasing" in Norwich, Part II

What better day to do a little more "Steeplechasing" around Norwich than on a Sunday? Technically I suppose I really should be sitting in one of these churches on a Sunday rather than just displaying pictures of them but my second-ex kind of soured me on organized religion so now I prefer to do my communing with the Lord on my own but that's a story for another day ... or maybe not!

This post is Part II of a series of posts that was inspired by my friend Patti who first chased down steeples in her town of Ansonia.  I posted Part I on Friday just in case anyone missed it and would like to scroll down.  I'm not exactly sure how many parts there will be in this series, I guess it all depends on how many steeples I manage to chase down here in Norwich and perhaps the surrounding countryside!

In my own humble opinion, New England has always been home to many, many beautiful churches so no doubt there are churches and steeples galore to be photographed but I can guarantee you that I won't be getting to all of them!  Perhaps there will be some other New Englanders out there inspired to photograph and post a Steeplechase or two of their own ... or maybe even in other parts of the country?  Hint, hint!

First up today is this very small little church that I found tucked away on Park Street ...
National Spiritualist Church Norwich
This is the National Spirtualist Church of Norwich and it comes complete with a cute little steeple and bell ...
National Spirtualist the Steeple
I found this next church located on Convent Avenue behind the picturesque Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church that I featured in my first Steeplechase post. This is Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church which I never even knew existed until I went out taking pictures!
St Nicholas Orthodox Church
I'm not sure if there's a bell tucked away inside this steeple but I really like the cross on the top!
Steeple of St. Nicholas
The last church of today's post is the First Congregational Church of Norwichtown located near Meetinghouse Rocks across from the historic Norwichtown Green ...
NorwichtownFirst Cong Church
I've actually been inside this church when attending the wedding of a friend back in 2002 but I had completely forgotten that it didn't have the traditional spire-style steeple until I went to take pictures! There is a lovely gold weather vane located at the top of this tower.
NC Steeple2

That's it for today's "Steeplechase"; I'll have Part III up sometime this week but in the meantime I'm going to go chase down a hamburger, hot dog, and potato salad over at Jason & Amy's as it's a beautiful day and I actually don't have to go to work for once on a Sunday - woohoo!

Everyone have a great day and I hope I've inspired you to chase down some steeples of your own!


  1. They all look so clean and beautiful.

  2. Anonymous1:56 PM EDT

    Churches are right at the top of my list of favorite photographic subjects. Great pictures, Linda.

  3. we saw some wonderful ones on our trip this weekend. in the south it seems churches are either HUMONGUS or teeny tiny. but they are mostly beautiful...

    smiles, bee

  4. More great pictures! Yuo do a nice job with the camera.

    I'm sorry your ex soured you on organized religion. God is bigger than any church. I hope someday you will find a community of good folks who love God just like you do and that you can share your gifts with.

    You obviously have much to share. You might even find you get a few blessings coming right back at you.


  5. Do you have a church on every corner Linda? Just saying. How fun though. :)

  6. My thoughts exactly on the organized religion, Lin. Prague would be great for this "non-meme" (lol) as it's city of hundred sparows (staples)...

  7. Anonymous10:49 PM EDT

    Wow, these are some spectacular photos, Linda.

    Oh, and I ♥ your new profile photo too!!!

  8. OK, my fav would be he DOORS of that Orthodox

  9. Norwich looks like a very picturesque New England town, Linda! I don't know if you knew this, but I'm born and raised Massachusetts! Just 25 miles NE of Boston, in fact! I do love the scenery of NE! Churches are on practically every corner here in the Buckle of the Bible Belt and I will most likely be doing my own Steeple Chase soon.

  10. Great Steeplechasing job!

    I'm glad you are inspired. I wasn't much on organized religion for a long time, but now we attend a small church. For me it's a start on a path to being more spiritual.

  11. I love the architecture of old churches. The new, modern ones with their plexiglass podiums don't send the message that the intent of the building is to worship. They all look (and unfortunately, sound) like Amway meetings!
    We have an old Greek Orthodox church here that has a beautiful Onion dome. Maybe I should go on a steeple chase, too!
    Thanks, Linda...

  12. that Spiritualist churchis *one* ofmy churches!! :-) I miss it!


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