Monday, August 18, 2008

Norwich By Night

2 There is just about nothing worse than sitting in dispatch and looking out at the beautiful evening spread out in the city below me and knowing that I'd much rather be out there with my camera than sitting inside answering 911 calls. No offense to those who need help but when the sky looks like this outside - that's where I want to be!

As I drove home Saturday night it was almost 11:30 but the full moon was shining so brightly and it was such a beautiful night that I knew I had to pick up my camera and head back out the door in search of some night shots. After grabbing my trusty Kodak Z712, my tripod, and extra batteries (just in case) I decided that myNSH by moonlight first stop was going to be in the vicinity of the old Norwich State Hospital. It's just down the road from me and I've always wanted to try to take some pictures there at night. Of course, you can't just stroll around on the grounds as it's posted about every 50 feet with "State Property - No Trespassing!" signs and there are security guards who patrol in SUVs who make sure that's enforced but I figured if I parked my car down by the Hebrew cemetery and walked back up the road in front of the grounds, then I wouldn't be trespassing. After all, there is a sidewalk so it should be legal, right?

After parking under the old tree near the cemetery, I walked about 500 yards back up the road and found a spot across from the old Administration Building (which I've posted pictures of before) and set up my tripod. The amount of traffic still out and about was ridiculous but no oNorwich State Hospital at Night for Mone stopped to ask me what on earth I was doing so I figured I was okay, especially as there were no security officers in sight!
Norwich State Hospital has a reputation for being haunted, which is understandable considering the number of lost souls who once made their home there, but as I stood in the dark with moonlight streaming down on me I didn't feel creeped out or anything like that. I think I might have felt better if I'd had someone with me but I wasn't feeling panicky so much as I was a little nervous that some security officer may come along and question me even though I wasn't doing anything wrong! Still, I wouldn't have been surprised to come home, put the pictures on the computer, and find strange Full moon over trees2things on them. As it turned out, there wasn't anything unusual but it would have been cool if there were! Guess I'll have to go try again sometime!

After taking about a dozen pictures, I walked back to my car, debated shooting some pictures at the cemetery but then dismissed that idea, and headed back towards downtown Norwich. Considering some of the people that walk around downtown at night, I think I was more nervous there then outside of a reportedly haunted abandoned asylum but obviously nothing happened or I wouldn't be writing this post today!

Marina at night2 My first stop was Howard T. Brown Park next to the Norwich Marina, a spot I've gone to before on a full moon as I really like trying to take pictures of things reflecting off of the water. This picture shows the marker and tree next to the boat launch which is usually quite busy regardless of what time it is day or night as a lot of people like to fish on the Thames River. Surprisingly there were no boats being launched last night but there were some people at the park fishing off the docks or hanging out at the gazebo. I figured that as long as I left them alone, they'd leave me alone and that worked out just fine!

Looking down the Thames2 The moon was so beautiful that even though it was getting to be close to 1:00 a.m., it wasn't what you could call dark at all. This picture was taken from the dock looking down the river towards where it meets up with the Long Island Sound some 15 miles away. I really like the way the river looks like glass with the lights from nearby buildings reflecting off of it. Norwich just looks so much nicer at night!
Someone's Ship Came In!Speaking of nice, it looks like someone's ship came in while they were there to meet it! This ship has been docked at the marina since Friday evening and it sure is nice as well as very, very big! I would imagine that it costs more to fill up its tanks then I make in a half a year or longer! All I can say is that it must be nice to have money ... I'm sure that I'll never know myself!

Norwich's City Hall BuildingI decided that since I was out and about and it was such a nice night that I would make a few more stops before heading home so I turned my car and camera towards Norwich City Hall, a very beautiful building regardless of the time of day! The only problem I have with it is that there's just no way to seem to get a good angle for a picture that doesn't show some sort of street sign or another. The City Fathers really ought to look into that and rectify that as I'm sure lots of people take pictures of this gorgeous building, though most probably do it at a "normal" time of the day! If you look closely, you can see by the time on the clock tower that it was about 1:15 when I took this picture but I had one more stop I wanted to make before I finally put the camera away and went home.

The Water Street BridgeOn my commute to work, I have to cross over the Water Street bridge which connects the Laurel Hill side of Norwich - where I live - to downtown Norwich. As it was falling apart, the bridge was rebuilt a couple of years ago and is really very pretty. Antique lighting was used and every summer the City hangs baskets of petunias from each light. This picture doesn't really do the bridge justice at all but until I can figure out a better angle, it will have to do! Even at 1:15 in the morning there were a lot of cars crossing over the bridge so it really wasn't a good idea to try standing in the middle of the road to get a picture! Don't people ever go to bed??

Even though there were a lot of other places that I would like to have explored and taken some night pictures of, I finally decided that common sense should really prevail and that I should pack it in and go home. After all, my aunt reads my blog and she's going to tell my mother that I'm wandering around Norwich late at night to which I'm sure my mother will roll her eyes and decide that I am plain nuts! What I really need is to find someone who's willing to go out and prowl around with me at night as I'm most definitely a night person and have found that I really enjoy taking night shots. The world just looks so much different when the sun goes down and the moon comes up; it takes on an almost surreal quality and let's you look at things differently. Personally, I like what I've been seeing!

The moon over a tree


  1. I really love the one of the yacht in the marina. Hard to believe you can make Norwich look like a postcard!!

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM EDT

    Norwich is a slum. The dark of night is good cover.

  3. The part owner of our marina has a 105' yacht. It's called Flipper and it's beautiful like the one in this post. I couldn't afford the insurance on it I'm sure. I would love to be able to though. Great shots as always Linda, but you knew I'd get stuck on that yacht. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

  4. lovely photos linda!

    smiles, bee

  5. Great pictures. Norwich is a beautiful city. Sunrise is great too. I was reminded of this by your first photo. Every Easter morning we have our ecumenical service at Howard Brown Park and to see the sun come up over our city is an emotional and spiritual moment.

    Keep taking those photos. Can I steal a few of them?

  6. Night shots can look so dramatic and your's definitely do!

  7. I love your pictures, and the one of the Psych Ward is of course my favorite!

  8. Fantastic night photography Linda!

    I love the one with the marker and silhouetted tree at the park. Please enter it in Roger's Creative Photography contest. It's beautiful.

    P.S. I like the photo of yourself you're using.

  9. OMG! These are freakin' beautiful. I am completely blown away by the crispness. For night shots it is sooo hard to get them that detailed and sharp.


    So which one will make it to ROger's contest this week?

  10. Your pictures just keep getting better and better. Loved these, especially the marina and the bridge. For some reason I do particularly like water shots at night with the lights and stuff reflecting off the water.

  11. Anonymous3:24 PM EDT

    There's a whole new world at nighttime! Super pictures.

  12. Really, really cool. I've got to get myself a little tripod like you have-considering I have the same camera, there's no reason why I can't take pretty pictures like this too!

    Fantastic job.

  13. So will you be looking for some shots to enter in contests? You're really doing well and some of the pictures you've been posting really are stunning.

    We were in Leavenworth WA just a couple of weeks ago, and the sidewalk vendors didn't have any shots that were better than the ones you've been taking. Some of them were selling for a couple hundred dollars too.

  14. Anonymous9:48 PM EDT

    You need to be more careful unless you have 911 on speed dial for your own personal accident. Love the results of your 'jay walking.'
    Best wishes

  15. Anonymous10:40 PM EDT

    You have some absolutely breath taking photos here, Linda! Nice job. I'm glad they didn't get you arrested trying to get them.

  16. Holy cow! You're outdoing yourself, friend! I think you've discovered something about yourself and I love seeing the results!
    Frankly, I'd be scared to death of any living cretins hanging about in the night - but the photos are amazing...

  17. Thank you all for your more than kind comments not only regarding my pictures but my luck in not getting accosted or arrested while taking them!

    Oh, and Maddy? Of course I have 911 on speed dial! I am, after all, a 911 operator!

  18. Anonymous2:48 AM EDT

    Stop going to places that have British names!

  19. I hadn't thought about the night life in Norwich, but I may have to reconsider!

    And the Thames with its marina looks as classy as any marina in any town.

    You could create a photo exhibit called 'Norwich by Night'. Museums might like this and show it proudly. IMO, that is. Great photos!

  20. ohmygosh, Linda! These are just gorgeous! But really, you must stop going out at night alone! The sky colors are just fabulous!!! Have you participated in Sky Watch Friday?


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