Sunday, August 3, 2008

Siblings and Seashores

ChristopherAmanda and I took a ride over to Rhode Island yesterday evening to visit my son and his family who live not too far from Westerly and not quite an hour from Norwich. They were having a birthday party for Christopher who turned five earlier this month but being the unsociable person that I am, we didn't get there until everyone else had left. Well, that and it was raining cats and dogs and I wanted to wait to make the drive over there until the weather had cleared up a little! In order to get to Mike's house I have to drive past Foxwoods Casino and the traffic can be horrendous, especially on weekends. Driving in pouring rain and too much traffic is just not my idea of a good time so I avoid it when I can. Yeah, yeah - excuses, excuses!

MathewI had called Mike and told him we'd be there around dinner time so perhaps we could order pizza or something but after we arrived he suggested we go to the local Applebee's instead being that they were pretty "pizza'd out". Sure! Sounded good to me so off we went for a nice dinner and a chance to visit and catch up.

While Chris and Matt happily dug into their kids' meals, Amanda and Mike took the time to catch up a bit. Even though they don't look a whole heck of a lot alike (at least certainly not in the hair department!) ...

Mike & Amanda... they have no problem talking about music, video games, comic books, World of Warcraft, caped super heroes, and all that sort of stuff. While I sat across from them and snapped this picture it dawned on me for the very first time out of the blue that all three of my children wear glasses! Hmm, does that count as an epiphany?!? Amanda said I obviously passed down a "bad eye" gene but considering that I don't wear glasses myself - yet! - I am going to blame that on their respective fathers. Now if she wants to blame me for the sarcasm gene then I will certainly take full credit for that!

After a nice dinner with lots of french fries and ketchup for the boys, we parted company and Amanda and I went in the direction of Misquamicut Beach so that I could try out my hand at taking some pictures of the ocean before it got too incredibly dark. Weather-wise it wasn't the best of days to begin with and by the time we got down to the beach it was going on 9:00 and there wasn't much light to work with. Still - stubborn is as stubborn does and I decided that I'd try my hand at some more night photography and edit it a bit when I got home. Which I did with these pictures being some of the results ...

This picture shows how dark it really was when we got there, it was taken using a flash.
The rest were taken using night mode on my camera

The clouds touch the ocean while the waves meet the sand.

Dark waves roll up on shore.

This may not look like a wave but really it is!
Truth be told, I rather like this effect.

Light from a far away boat reflects off the sand.
And yes, that's another wave believe it or not!

A lone figure stands in the distance watching the waves come in.

This video shows you exactly how dark it was on the beach by the time we left - or maybe it doesn't because it's so dark you can only see the occasional whitecap! It sure sounds nice, though, doesn't it? I just love the sound of waves crashing ashore - it's just so peaceful and relaxing.

I'm now inspired to go back to the ocean when I can actually see it and try taking some more pictures and videos - ones that you might actually be able to see rather than just hear! I'll be sure to let you know if that happens!


  1. I rather like the first shot, even with a flash. I grew up listening to the surf across the street. It's been 40 years since I lived near the ocean - good grief, I'm old! hahaha!

  2. Good shots. I've worn glasses since I was 8.

  3. When a kid, I loved going to Misquamicut State Beach. The wave action reminded me of our vacations at the seaside cottages and motel in Brigantine. I'd love to be at the shore for a couple of nights to fall asleep to the sounds...and the briny breezes off the sea.

  4. The story was great and the pictures were even better!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time catching up.

    Love the photos Linda, you did well considering it was so dark.

  6. i think he does look like amanda and you must have some great camera! the shots are lovely! and i loved the sound of the video too...

    smiles, bee

  7. The night shots are beautiful! You should use one of them for Roger's contest. I love 'em!

    Your kids and the pizza/fries party looks fun too. Good times. Awesome post.

  8. P.S. I can't get the video to work.

  9. I love the photos, especially the one that has the waves looking like a sunset..gorgeous!

    And I enjoyed listening to the waves crash.

  10. I did the meme, and only cheated a little bit

  11. Anonymous7:40 PM EDT

    Beautiful...the waves and the family. The little blondie is a cutie pie!!!

  12. Great pictures - you just wanted to make me yearn for vacation, didn't you!!!!!!

  13. What cuties! I always love when you show pictures of your family. :) And're a jerk for making us listen to those waves!

  14. I love the roar of the ocean. Yes, it does sound very nice. Have a great rest of the weekend Linda Big hug. :)

  15. ohhhhh will I be going to that beach?

  16. wow. you stood there at the beach a really long time!

    (some great shots...I love the ocean)

  17. I am so glad you got pics of your son and grandkids.. Yeah for Linda..

    Is this what the ocean will look like when we go on Vacation?? I am so excited.

  18. Hi Linda,

    I enjoyed looking at all the pictures you posted here. Either of these would make a nice header for a blog. Thanks for sharing those.

  19. True confessions, the last time I was at a beach was 1998. Sad huh?

    I don't ever listen to waves unless I'm there as it just sounds like static to me...which I hate.

    More and more I've become sensitive to sounds. A TV on in the background puts me on edge and makes it hard to concentrate.

    I like living where it's quiet. We have very little road noise, and what we do have I hate. It's country life for me I guess.

    Cute kids....all those blond curls!! what a heartbreaker. (I'm staying gender neutral here as it's hard to tell....)

  20. Linda, you've given me a peaceful moment! Love the photos - and the sound of the waves, especially at night - so soothing.
    When I was a teen, I'd drive to the beach by myself and sit on the sand and just decompress. I love the mountains, but there's something about the hugeness of the ocean that I adore.
    Your grandsons are so cute!!! I'm glad you had a good time.

  21. Anonymous9:40 AM EDT

    those grandkids are adorable!


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