Sunday, August 31, 2008

Steeplechasing in Norwich, Part III

Ah, it's Sunday again which means it's a good time to take a look at more of the lovely churches that we have here in Norwich and continue doing some steeple chasing that I was inspired to do after reading similar posts by my friend the Princess Patti of the Late Bloomer Boomer.  I think that you'll find some of the nicest architecture ever when it comes to churches and even if they don't all have steeples, they are still beautiful buildings.

Central Baptist Church 1

This first church is the Central Baptist Church which is located in the same square as Norwich's City Hall.  The cornerstone of the building was laid on November 18th, 1891 with the formal dedication of the church taking place on October 14th, 1892. Central Baptist sits directly across from the United Congregational Church...

UC Steeple

... which was built in 1857. The congregation of the United Congregational Church was very involved in helping to educate people as well as the anti-slavery movement. Abraham Lincoln visited here before his election and the church was the founder of the Norwich Free Academy where Amanda attends high school.

Night steeple

As an added picture bonus, I snapped a shot of the United Congregational Church when I was out doing night photos during the last full moon. I think it takes on a whole new look at night.

Park Cong

This next church is also a Congregational Church, of which Norwich has many!  However, considering that Norwich was settled by Congregationalists in 1659 I guess that's not really all that surprising.  Park Congregational Church was established in 1874 and sits on Broadway directly across from the Norwich Free Academy campus.

Taftville Congregational Church

Speaking of Congregational Churches, this is the Taftville Congregational Church, though it's often referred to as "The Green Church" when giving someone directions! Taftville is one of the villages of Norwich; in 1866 it was named after the founder of the large textile mill that was located there. Formerly one of the largest textile mills in the country, the Taftville Cotton Mill is now known as Ponemah Mills and is being converted into luxury apartments.

Family Church of God

This castle-looking structure, appropriately located on Church Street in downtown Norwich, is the Family Church of God but I haven't been able to really find out anything about this church in my research.  I found the prism effect in this picture to be quite fascinating as the only other time I've had that come out in a picture before was when I was taking pictures in a cemetery and I've never been able to account for it but I think it looks nice.

St Peter & St Paul

On the west side of Norwich sits Saints Peter and Paul Church which was founded in 1938. Behind this church sits a lovely park that depicts the Stations of the Cross where I recently took some pictures that I'm sure I'll be posting at a future time.

First Baptist Church of Norwich

Also located on the west side of the city is the First Baptist Church of Norwich which was established in 1880.  The current congregation is under the direction of Pastor Cal Lord who has been with the First Baptist Church for over 22 years.  Believe it or not Dr. Lord has a blog of his own titled Dancing With God and he has been kind enough to occasionally stop by and leave a comment or two here on my blog.  He's given me encouragement with my pictures so I hope he likes this one of his church!

I hope you've enjoyed this last series of photos of some of the churches located in the town I call home.  There are a lot more churches tucked away in various parts of Norwich but whether I get to them or not will remain to be seen!  Everyone have a great Sunday!


  1. You have some beautiful churches in your town Linda. Taftville Church is my favourite.

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  3. Each time you do this post I kick myself because I haven't photographed any of the many churches here! My favorite today is the Green Church! =)

  4. you know if you just put up the photos i could have picked out the two baptist churches. they always have a certain look. either huge (brick usually) or white and victorian looking...

    smiles, bee

  5. Anonymous9:20 AM EDT

    Cool! We have a local artist in Nashville who does paintings of steeples. He called them Nashville Tops (Phil Ponder is the artist)... I like your title better!

    I love the green church!

  6. A preacher with a blog. What is the world coming to??! Just kidding. I think it's great. I'll check him out later.

    Gorgeous pictures here. I love old churches so much. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Linda, it is amazing the variety of churches you can find in any old New England mill town. In our town, pop. 19,000 there are over 35 individual churches, some in storefronts but most with steeples.

    This is a great blogging idea!

  8. Y'all gots lotsa churches in that there town, liddle lady.
    Must be lotsa sinners in Norwich.

  9. I just love churches and visiting them- inside and out!

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM EDT

    Beautifully done, Linda. I love the rainbow in the one photo! :) Very cool.

  11. Nice pictures. I love closeups of architectural details on the older buildings. Old churches are always good candidates. Newer ones seem to have less scrollwork and little statues.

  12. Anonymous2:03 AM EDT

    Gorgeous shots, Linda!
    I would absolutely love to take a tour like this. Lovely buildings, and the age, of course, adds to the mystique.

  13. What a fantastic Steeplechase, Linda! Great photos. I may never chase steeples again. I bow to your talents!!


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