Friday, September 5, 2008

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

Politics are generally a forbidden topic on this blog as I've learned from past experience that if there's one way to get into a heated discussion - whether you meant to or not - it's to start talking politics.

My good friend Miz Cyn and I have had many a long and, shall we say, passionate conversation about politics from time to time as politics are near and dear to her heart but I am not as enamored of them due to all of the negative campaigning of the last few elections. Whatever happened to talking about your own merits versus the other guy's deficits? Alas, that seems to have gone the way of the $20 fill-up at your local gas station!

All that aside, though, this post is actually going to be about politics as what I want to know this is -

Have you made up your mind about who you're going to vote for in this Presidential election?

Now I don't want to know who you're voting for as that's none of my business - I just want to know if you're still undecided or whether, after both conventions, you've made up your mind even if you didn't get to watch the conventions from the comfort of theater seating or didn't watch either of them at all! I figure that's a safe enough question when it comes to politics!

For my non-American friends all I can ask is - do your elections go on for this long or is this one of those annoying "American things"?


  1. Yes.

    How's that for succinct, My Duchess?

    Have a great Friday.

  2. Yes. Absolutely. No question. You betcha boots.

  3. Yes, I have known ever since the May election. Or even before that ;o)
    Come on over, I have something cute waiting for you :o)

  4. Yep! Also, being succinct today!

  5. Indeed I have. :) If you're curious, I have a badge in my sidebar stating my choice.

  6. Yes, I know who I'm voting for. Have for a very long time. Have a great day Linda. Big hug. :)

  7. I have, and decided on the candidate months ago. I'm not saying, though, as I don't want to discuss heatedly anyone's or my choice.

    My hope is that all potential voters exercise their franchise and vote. Whatever the outcome, I cannot stand to listen to those who decry the outcome but didn't participate in the process...

  8. yes. and i hope everyone goes and VOTES, no matter their choice!!! to me that is so important.

    i watched all of both conventions and enjoyed them both. very different but both interesting.

    smiles, bee

  9. Hell, yes I know who I am voting for. No wishy washing here...

    The very first time I ever voted was when I turned 18 in 1980. That was something to be able to vote for the President of the United States... Yes, it was the year the Actor won....

    good old Reagan... oooooo sorry just had to throw that in there.

  10. As I'm British, I can't vote, Linda. Sarah's my pin-up girl!

  11. I can't vote in your election, I have enough trouble trying to decide who to vote for in ours! I have to say there's not much to choose between our politicians - they're all a waste of space!

  12. Patti is the Queen of succinctness! I will follow her lead....

  13. Anonymous7:52 PM EDT

    Yes. I, like you wish the 'election cycle' was a bit shorter than the eighteen-plus months it seems to be.

    I remember the days when one's vote was kept to oneself, alot like never asking a lady's age for it to be rude.

    I believe that the way an American votes or better; for whom they vote for, is just a small part of that person's character. Dem, Repub, or to me is a personal choice and not one to criticize another about.

    I love America and the opportunities we all have in voting. It is a important privilege that not enough of us enjoy.

    I hope everyone does this year!

    And furthermore, I always chuckled a bit when reminded of an old Amish tale of a couple riding 20 miles in a buggy to 'cancel' each other's vote out. Genuine!

  14. Anonymous8:47 PM EDT


  15. I think you know who I'm voting for Linda, and nothing's going to change it!! LOL

    Although Palin is quite the "Cougar" hotty!!! HAHA

  16. Anonymous8:42 AM EDT

    I thought I did-but I'm not sure anymore. Might choose NOT to vote this time around.

  17. Yes, I have made my decision.


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